Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For Shame, NC

Well well, Congratulations North Carolina. You just won the award of the newest worst people in the country. Feels pretty good, huh? Would you like a cookie or a gold star? Sadly this ridiculous vote will now also effect straight couples, those in a committed relationship, yet not legally bound. There are many many photos floating around facebook that put it simply and make the whole amendment sound as stupid as it actually is.
Seriously. It's like blaming Hooter's for your husband's love of boobs. For real, a man's love of breasts has nothing to do with a restaurant with scantily clad servers, it's just a spot to indulge. He would love them without with restaurant.
Truth. It comes right back to what we learned in kindergarten, treat others the way you want to be treated. Jesus would be appalled and disappointed if he saw how judgmental and mean the human race has become.
And again, if you make a rule based on what you believe that hurts someone else for simply being who they are, than those morals that you have are not morals. They are hateful and hurtful. How would you feel if someone said "Hey, that person who is your everything? Yeah, you can't be with them. Because I say it's wrong." A mindset like that does no good. See? Doesn't it all become so stupid when you really think about it? You can love anyone you want, why don't you want that for everyone else? It's wrong, it's mean, it's unequal, it's hurtful and it by no means is based on faith. Your faith shouldn't hurt someone else. I'm going to proudly put my bumper sticker that says "I'm voting NO to the marriage amendment" on my car today!