Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Good Day and a Few Photos

I feel like so much has happened in the last week that my heart and brain are going to explode. I need a day or 2 that is very uneventful to give all that is inside time to relax, decompress and escape if it's not needed any more.

Last Saturday we had Lily and took her to the Stone Arch Bridge Festival.
It was so much fun! Chuck works right down there so we parked for free, had a free beer at his work (yeah, is job is so cool that they have a keg of beer on tap) and took out to see the sights. Lily is now at an age where you don't have to keep an eye on her every moment, just every other. She doesn't need a stroller and will dawdle along with us. We got cotton candy, hot dogs, some french fries,another beer or two and meandered our way around. Listened to some music, looked at the river, looked at art and wanted to buy some very badly. Lots of photography, some ah-mazing! shots, some wicked cool jewlery, some just funky art pieces. I love festivals like this.

And then it started to rain. Not a oh-this-is-such-a-nice-summer-rain but a freaking downpour. And the whole thing is outside so we just had to walk through it all back to Chuck's work. We were totally those parents in flip flops with the drenched child shivering from feeling the need to finish her ice cream cone in the chilly rain all the while her face paint is streaking down her face. First class parenting right there. But we made it back, dried off because Chuck's work is also that cool that they have showers, towels and a dryer. And had another free beer while we waited for the rain to stop. I sat down with Lily at the big white-board and taught her how to play tic-tac-toe. And I did not teach her the rule of "Oh no no sweetie, my circle always stays in the middle."

Once the rain stopped we headed back out into the glorious sunshine. Seriously. It was beautiful out! We continued our walk and were determined to make it all the way to the actual Stone Arch Bridge, (which by the way, the festival isn't on the bridge at all.) We got talked into a SA-WEET deal with a photographer, a $500 photo session with a framed 5x7 in the end all for $50. Yes please!! We're all really excited for that. I was particularly excited, family photos with this great family I've gained, oh man, does that sound awesome!!

He was teaching her to skip stones.

It was such a good day. It was easy and carefree and no agenda. Chuck and I realize we travel very well together with no agenda. We rocked Chicago for a weekend (in fact I need to blog about that awesome time!) But not having plans and just going with the flow totally works for us. Lily didn't have any tantrums (surprisingly, to me) Chuck and I totally enjoyed ourselves and each other and the sun came out after a big, fat rain.

And lastly, my favorite photo from that day...

Seriously. Makes me melt.