Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dumber than a box of rocks

I work in a book store. And we don't hire people who don't read. If you don't read, how are you going to be able to sell our one and only product?

So I ask you, how does Christine O'Donnell who is running for Senate, get as far as she has without knowing the basis that our country is founded on?

Click here to hear her ridiculousness.

And make sure to read the article. Her quote about the 17th Amendment and bringing her Constitution with her is like the cherry on top.

How are people this stupid getting elected to public office? I know she's not elected yet and frankly Chris Coons is smoking her. But seriously Ms. O'Donnell, do some research, you dumb woman. You're making yourself out to look like a fool. Or perhaps you are putting your best and only face forward and sadly it is a look of confusion. Before getting a job, read into where you'll be working, how it started, what the job is going to require of you. And know that it's OK not to move forward with said job if you don't fit the criteria.

Or keep heading down the road of saying idiotic things. You're doing a great job of painting a sloppy picture of yourself and your party.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emotions run high

This video is a must watch.

It's a little long, but it's worth it. What a brave soul. And he speaks the truth. Please listen. Everyone.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gay-friendly and freaking proud of it!

"Happy Coming Out Day! Oh, and if any you think gays and lesbians should be kicked out of the military, banned from marriage, denied visitation rights, not allowed to adopt children or believe in any of this "love this sinner, hate the sin" nonesense, please "out" yourself from my life. Your hateful ignorance is killing children and harshing my mellow. Thank you." --- from my dear friend Marlene Moxness, from her facebook status. She's brilliant, witty, well-read and an equal-rights fighter.

I really don't understand what the hell is wrong with people that think a person doesn't deserve the same rights as everyone else just because they are gay. Just because the are committed to being themselves. Just because they choose to love someone with all their might. Just because they don't have some of the same beliefs as others. Just because.

If you're not going to grant gays the same rights as straights you might as well take away my right to vote and put blacks back in a separate bathroom. Seriously! It's 2010, we should be passed this! It shouldn't be a big deal who people choose to love! At least they are choosing to love rather than hate. At least they are fully being themselves rather than conforming to someone else's idea of a good person. (And if anyone brings the Bible into this so help me, I'll find a way to smite you down myself!)

I'm proud of all my gay friends! I'm proud of all the kids choosing to come out at a young age, middle/high school is hard enough and here they are saying they are proud to be themselves. I'm proud of the gay parents that take in a child given up by it's birth parents and love it whole-heartedly. I'm proud of the parents who accept their gay child with open arms. I'm a better person because of many things, but one of those things is the fact that I allow differences to help form my friendships.

Happy Coming Out Day! Be proud of who you are and know that you are loved!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A makeover

And I wish it was for me. This girl could use a haircut! But I made-over my blog a bit and I wish I could get a big fun header like this lady and this one. I can't figure out how to do that and of course my header wouldn't involve kids seeing as how I don't have any. But you get the idea.

So I've written over 300 posts. In over 2 years. I've also moved to another state and back, lived in 3 soon to be 4 different apartments. I've worked in 3 different positions within the same company. I've left a relationship that needed leaving. I've fallen for someone else who makes me ooze happiness. I've gotten a cat whom I adore when I swore I was more of a dog person. I've started and finished a writing class all on my own. And most of all these changes are documented here in one way or another. I haven't won the lottery or done anything that could be classified as extraordinary. But I couldn't be more pleased with where I am or where I've come from.

So I was thinking of a new job but I've broadened my horizons a bit to school too. Only it's very much in the beginning stages. How do I pay for it, what happens to my 401K if I stop working, where do i get health insurance, can I just step down at work and do school too? So many questions and so many places to find the answers I don't really know where to start.

But mostly right now I am trying to gather up all my stuff to move in officially with Chuck. It's very exciting and I'm so looking forward to it! We both are literally counting down the days. A few nights ago we were going to watch TV but ended up never turning it on because we got caught up in talking to each other. Seriously, he rocks. We rock together.

If anyone can help me personalize my blog more (for free) let me know. Until then, I like my new background. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shocking hatred

Are we really still living in a world where someones beliefs and who someone chooses to love is a reason to put someone down? Apparently.

For the past few days I've been obsessed with this story. I can't get past the idea that I live in a world where people are capable of doing such an awful thing to someone else. What are the parents like who raised children thinking this is OK?

This is a hate crime, plain and simple. Friends of the accused are saying it wouldn't have been any different if it were a girl in the room and not another man. That still makes it an invasion of privacy, and I'm sure that if it were a girl and a boy those two would still be embarrassed and still have the urge to disappear for a while.

Just imagine being Tyler. You're young, quiet, kind, unsure of who are you as many 18 year old college students are. You are forced to trust your new roommate and it's a friendship that you make because you have to. And then less than a month into school, he betrays you with the worst kind of betrayal. He exposes an intimate moment between you and someone who means something to you. It's awful and I'm not sure there is a punishment that fits the crime.

What kind of soul is in a person who gets a kick out of hurting someone else like this? And to top it off there were two of them. Two people said that this was OK and that is so disappointing. It makes me sad that one of them didn't stand up to the other saying that what they were doing was wrong.

When I first heard about this story I was stunned into silence. Which is hard to do, I always have something to say. I was shocked and not so much sick to my stomach, but a pain much more deep and much more heart-wrenching creeped up from within. People who have the capacity to hurt someone else in ways like this don't deserve to be called a human being.

I'm so angry at the kids who did this. I want to give them a taste of their own medicine but that wouldn't solve the problem. It makes me sad to think that these two aren't the only ones who think this way. What do we have to do to live and let live? Why do people have to hurt someone to make themselves feel better? Why do people feel the need to push their beliefs on someone who is living their life and not bothering anyone else? I don't like that these are unanswerable questions.

Tyler, I'm sure you are missed by many. Know that your story will hopefully help others to reach out and to do the right thing and to stand up for the good of others. You join the ranks of Matthew Shepard and all the other kids who have died too soon because of bullying. May you be happy, unhurt, and loved wherever you are now.