Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crazy-ass Runner

I just ran outside in this nasty humidity. It was a tough run, I had to do it in bits. Run/walk/more running and then more running. I think I've become one of those "crazy-ass" runners I used to shake my head at.

I am a 5K badass.

I totally feel like this. In fact, I tend to do this exact same pose when I finish my runs.

I'm keeping track of my runs and I've done 9 in the last month. That is an average of one every 3 days. Not too shabby. In fact, for having always been someone who said she'd never run, I think that is damn impressive.

See? Badass.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

3rd 5K in 7 days

So I am de-f-ing-termined to completely run this 5K that I have in less then 2 months! I have just ran/traveled (and I say traveled because I don't run the whole thing, I'm working toward that.) And tonight marked my 3rd traveled 5K in 7 days. I am so FREAKING PROUD of myself!!

Tonight was a tough travel though. One, I didn't wait long enough after eating dinner, two, my legs are unsure of what I am doing and are having trouble understanding that I'm trying to make this my new thing. And thirdly, about half way through my last time around I got very emotional. I kept crossing paths with 2 other runners and every time we smiled at each other. I wanted to thank them, I don't think they have any idea how much their smile encourages me. And then it got hard for me to breathe because I started to get nearly teary-eyed because I'm doing something I never thought I could do. I'm running. I never thought I'd be someone that would run, that would push myself, that would say "Yes I'm going to run to that bridge" and then when I get there, I'd run past it and find a new spot to run to. I rock.

But tonight I had to really work to not let the water-works start to flow. I focused on breathing, calm, breathe, slow down, and then new target found and I was running again. I'm a runner. And I am damn proud of myself. I've found a few motivational things online that is helping me and my favorite is "Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked." I'm going to be fit. I'm going to run. I've done this 3 times in 7 days and I'm actually looking forward to Saturday morning when I do it again.

And in spirit of my running Check out the website for the 5K that I am running at the end of July! It's for the American Red Cross. if you'd be so kind, click the link and sponsor me! Thank you.

Man, I'm a runner and I think I like it.