Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This is the first stoop sitting session of the season! And yes that is a bowl with ice and beer in it behind me.

My beau and I enjoyed an evening of beer and people watching not too long ago. My building's front stoop is perfect for that.

If only you could smell this tree through the photo! It's wonderful. I was walking to my apartment and passed below this tree, while the sun was shinning through the blossoms. And came right back out with my camera to take a picture.

Spring is here. I sigh a contented breath of air.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good advertising

I may serve Starbucks coffee but if I have the choice, I prefer Caribou. For many reasons, but right now it's for their new advertising slant. It's all positive and good vibes and happy thoughts. Their slogan has always been "Life is short. Stay awake for it." And right now their napkins say things like "Stay Awake For: maxing out your passport, ghost stories around a campfire, adopting a four-legged friend, playing an instrument, break dancing, luscious, oh-so-delicious chocolate." They also have post-it's up around their shops, filled out by customers asking what do you stay awake for. And then they have some that say "Life's too short for: grudges, fake anything, putting profits before people, over-roasted coffee, crabby people, waiting for change, wifi you have to pay for."

I totally dig their minimal company plugs with the coffee, chocolate, and free wifi listings. But I just think this advertising slant is so brilliant. Happiness and good things really are simple. Seeing as how I frequent Caribou's more often than I would like to admit, this has gotten me thinking. What do stay awake for?

1. Laughter with my beau
2. Baking cookies with his kids
3. The new show Treme on HBO
4. A good book
5. Yoga, then a bubble bath afterwards
6. A glass of wine. Or 4.
7. Rearranging my one-room palace and creating more space.
8. My new sinfully delicious discovery, cheez-its and cream cheese.
9. Outdoor baseball games
10. New music
11. Cuddling
12. My cat calmly sitting in my lap

The list goes on. What do you stay awake for?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball and my boy

It's official. Baseball season has started. And last night I went to my first outdoor baseball game. Ever. I was raised at the dome and went to a Saints game once but was only there for about 3 innings, so I don't think it counts. And let me tell you, the new outdoor stadium ROCKS! It is so awesome, I spent a good chunk of the time jumping up and down in excitement!

At the entry gate. And yes, that is the boy I'm dating.

The view from our seats. I don't think we sat down until the 7th inning, too busy walking around the stadium and checking it all out!

I heart baseball!

We have a lot of fun together.

Seriously this stadium is so fantastic! You can get your beer, and then turn around and watch the game. There is no big wall or doorway to block your view. And the big screen in the outfield has to be the clearest thing to ever grace baseball. And the hotdogs, oh man. I loved the Dome Dog, but these new ones are grilled the way a hotdog should be. I don't think I watched much of the game, I was so excited to be at the new stadium. Outdoor baseball with a clear sky, beer, hotdogs, my new boy, lots of laughter, sounds like a wonderful night to me!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy happy joy joy

I am happy. Genuinely happy. And have been busy being happy. So haven't had time to think about things and write about said things.

Happiness. Big fat smiles. Honest, hearty laughs. Joyful feelings inside and out. I highly recommend it.