Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vote for my witty-ness

So I'm trying to win a contest with my witty humor. There is a car dealership near my work and their staff comes in to buy coffee every day and they all are good-looking.
They are having a contest for their next billboard. I need votes to win! To win $1000!


I just might buy you a drink if I win.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pretty Badass

I've been wanting this tattoo for a few years now. I saved my money, checked out artists, made an appointment and last night got it done!

3 hours and lots of deep breathing later and I am in love with the new addition to my body. 

The pussy willow were my grandma's favorite flower and she gave birth to 4 children.  The pansy is my mom and the 2 children she had. The daisy is for me. And at the ankle is a rose bud and a lily bud for Chuck's daughters, Kira Rose and Lily Mabel. 

I love it so much. It has so much meaning and heart behind it. And it's so pretty!  I just wish I could get a better camera angle.  Its hard to take a picture of your own leg :-)

And be able to rotate it too. I think I need an actual photographer rather than the self-photo option on my phone. Better picture coming soon.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fired Up!

I really wish Bill Clinton was a professor when I was in school. I totally would have actually listened had he taught Paideia.

I am so Pro-Obama. Just like I was 4 years ago.

I believe in him because he believes in us.

Ohhhhh the debates are going to be so exciting!!