Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Need a change

Is it bad that I don't have a long term goal other than to be happy living my daily life? I don't have a career objective, I have no plans to get married, I'm not looking to move out of state to try living some place else. I do have a Bucket List but many items on their are not big and life changing. Their little like drive route 66, go to Italy, visit the Louvre, write a book. I did have a plan that I would be married and pregnant by the time I was 25. Well, that clearly didn't happen. I thought I would get hired right out of the Luther College Bubble by a small yet prestigious theatre company as their resident lighting designer. Turns out all the companies already have that coveted position filled and those people aren't going anywhere.

So because of those failed (perhaps failed isn't the right word, I don't feel like a failure) plans I don't tend to make long term goals any more. Does that mean that I'm a slacker of life? I'm not sure. I've held 3 jobs that I've climbed up within the company and have been very proud of that. I'm looking for something new but the bummer of it is is that I have no idea what that new thing should be. I would love to do theatre work again, but sadly I have no health insurance or paid time off or a retirement plan with those gigs. I'd like to go back to school but I don't have the money. And I know many people who have degrees and are not doing anything in that field. Maybe I'm a pessimist right now, but school seems like a waste of time and money at the moment. I already have the BA, I should be able to find something new to do.

Chuck asked me what my dream was, and I said my dream involves not working. We laughed. Can't someone just pay me to connect with people on a daily basis, talk about our similarities and differences, maybe write about it and just be generally awesome? Unfortunately no, the world does not work that way. But imagine if it did... seems pretty cool, huh?

So I'm looking on-line for something new to do. I like my job I'm just ready for a new challenge. I moved to a new store with Pier 1 because I felt I had gotten everything out of the location I was at. Same thing is happening now. I don't feel there is anything else I can gain from this position and unfortunately there is no option for me to move up within that company. Can't move up, time to move on. I'm looking for something that is somewhat creative, involves working with others, enjoys a sense of humor, makes a difference in peoples lives either one at a time or in big groups, mostly allows me to leave my job at my job, gives me benefits. (And don't get me started on the fact that I have to limit my job options to the fact on whether or not I'll have health insurance and other benefits.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me to 1. find something new and 2. to keep my head up when I get discouraged.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music awesomeness!

I got to see one of my several pretend boyfriends last night, Dave Matthews! (Among the other boyfriends are Matt Damon and Gerard Butler but they don't make it easy for me to see them in a live performance.) My mama bought me tickets to the concert for my birthday! And what a great present! I love Dave so freaking much! I just love his lyrics, his music, watching him and the band just jam. It's awesome!

Our seats were on the top level just a few rows up, but sitting where we are supposed to isn't usually how my man and I work. We snuck into Rock the Garden, every time we go to a Twins game we wind up down near the field. The ticket is just our way in the door, after that it's sort of a game for us to see how close we can get. So once we were in the door, we grabbed a beer, and wandered about. We watched a few songs from the opening band. And in between the openers and DMB we met up with my friend Kerstin for a quick visit. After that we made a quick decision to get down onto the floor and as close as possible before the band started when everyone was moving about, getting drinks, and mingling.

It was easy peasy to walk right in. We just gave security a little nod kept moving. We wound up as close to 20' feet away from the stage and my rock star pretend boyfriend! I didn't hear my favorite song, Two Step, but it was a rocking concert anyways. Last year their sax player died suddenly and I was curious as to who was going to replace him, the sax sound is a crucial sound to their music. There were a few people playing but on one song, Jimmy Thing, suddenly all 4 were out there making amazing music! And we were on the dance floor, I was moving and grooving, it was awesome!

Sadly, I have no pictures because my camera's batteries were dead. And my phone just took blurry yet bright pictures. I'll just have to hold the pictures of the band and its awesomeness in my mind.

Today my body aches. After over a month hiatus from yoga, my body was a bit sore yesterday, I was very aware of my muscles. But after dancing like crazy last night, I'm a hot mess today. My feet are sore, it hurts to lift the milk out of the fridge, the muscles around my rib cage say a crabby hello every time I take a big breath. Note to self, either do more yoga, or go to more concerts were I can dance dance dance. I don't think I'll be doing the latter much so yoga will have to do.

Despite my aches and pains, that concert was a BLAST! Totally AWESOME!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mmmmmm yoga

I went to yoga tonight for the first time since perhaps the beginning of July. For reasons that are no longer worth the time to write, but I'm back in it tonight. I went back to yoga and it was a good, hard, stretching wonderfulness. I was pushed more than I've been pushed in yoga class in months and months. My arms were shaking in some poses but my legs were quite solid. I'm so stoked to get back to where I was last spring. It's going to be a flexible, good soul hugging, and the best thing I do for myself all week. Again.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Look what I came home to yesterday! Daisies are my favorite! There was also a de-lish meal of steak and pasta cooking on the stove. Yeah, my boyfriend rocks. It's OK to be jealous.

I think every girl hopes to date a man who will spontaneously bring her flowers. And here I am with just such a man. I may be one of the luckiest girls around right now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Calm and good

Today's 3 good things
1. I took a nap after Chuck and the kids left this morning. Seeing as how I closed at work today, I got up, had breakfast and then napped. I like doing that. Naps are awesome.
2. I got the application to join the local theatre techs union. I talked with someone last week who had an IATSE shirt on and gave him a brief history of my work and he said I was the type of person they were looking for. And the application is easy! It's like getting-an-A-in-Intro-To-Theatre easy. I'm stoked!
3. This weather is wonderful! I could do without the wind but I never like wind. But the cooler temperature feels so nice. I wrapped myself in my favorite lovely bright blue pashmina from Paris today! (Thanks Judy! I love it!)

What was good in your day today?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's Saturday and it's good

Today's 3 good things
1. It's day number 1 of 3 days off! And we (Chuck, the girls and I, that is) spent it in our jammies until 1 in the afternoon! Now that's what I call a Saturday!
2. I'm having a glass of wine before dinner. And probably one with. And probably one after.
3. And the best one... I love it here. Our place never stays clean for more then 20 minutes, we are always filling, running, emptying, refilling the dishwasher, I got up at 6:30 this morning because the little one decided she had slept enough, there are toys, books, cups, nothing where it should be, it's controlled chaos in this house. And I wouldn't trade it all for anything.

Happy Labor Day weekend. I'm celebrating Labor Day by not working. Nice.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/1/10's 3 good things

1. Mama took me to the Fair today! Sadly I didn't get a single picture of us. Right before we got on the sling shot ride would have been a perfect time! Next time, right Mom? I've gone to the fair every year of my life, but my Medora and New Mexico years. I heart the fair. And I love it even more with my mom, she has no plans but is willing to go anywhere while we are there. We wander, we eat, we people watch. And it's fabulous!
2. When I came back to the apartment that I have been calling home and will for real in two months, I am greeted by little kid screams, hugs around the knees and a big kiss from my honey. Who could ask for a better welcome home?!
3. Fall is coming. I can feel it. Can't smell it yet, 'tis one of my favorite smells. But I know it's on its way. Fall is my favorite. Sweaters, scarves, layers, cider, Halloween, breezes through open windows with another blanket on the bed. Mmmmmmm, perfection.

Happy September!