Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock The Garden!

So last year we snuck into Rock The Garden. That whole day was one of the best days I've ever had!

But this year we got in legally, thanks to a college friend who had tickets and wound up not being able to go. We had a good time, but in comparison to last year, meh. The rain didn't help. I don't mind the rain, but it makes it hard to sit outside for 8 hours and enjoy a rock show. And rock show they called it. I beg to differ.
One, Minnesotans are lame. I've been to a few shows in the last couple of months and the crowd just stands around bobbing their heads. BO-RING!! Move, people! You're at a concert! For reals, who sits down at a rock show?!

And Two, don't get someone on the playbill that would be better at the State Theatre if you're going to call it ROCK the Garden.

OK, those were my 2 gripes. All in all I had a grand time! Thanks to the people I was with. My girlfriends from work kick some serious ass! And my boyfriend is one of the best fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants people there is! We drank beer, ate greasey food, jumped up and down, laughed, took loads of goofy pictures. We can make any party awesome!

My girls, Holly, Megan, and Marlene. They rock!

We got in without breaking any rules this time!

I wanted to go down front but no one else did, so I went by myself. Was pretty stoked to be nearly front row for Booker T Jones!

We'll have to see what next year's Rock The Garden brings us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I've been saying I'm a lucky gal for a while now, and for good reason. My man treats me so well. But there are two other people who are more lucky than I, Chuck's two daughters, Special K and Little One. He is the best dad out there and he is all theirs!

When I was asked if I wanted to meet his daughters last year, I felt so honored to be allowed to see that sacred relationship. He loves them so much that a person watching the three of them interact can feel it. He's calm and patient. He's caring and nurturing. He speaks to them as equals while at the same time being the parent as well. He teaches, guides, and lets them explore. He snuggles and sings goofy songs about toes and polka dot pj's. He is there for the Student of the Month celebrations and for the bed time stories. He will take them in an embrace and not only does the child relax into his arms, but a little bit of tension leaves him too. He praises them for the wonderful little kid things that they do. He teases, jokes, tickles, and hugs.

I feel so lucky to be a part of their lives. I date a great man, but he is great because he is a wonderful father. As we are getting Little One to say "My daddy is the shizzle!"

Happy Father's Day, Chuck! Always know you are an awesome dad!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Evening

I have been unusually popular today. Chuck's oldest daughter, I like to call her Special K in my head, has been fawning all over me. I was a tad bummed I had to go to work today, but not nearly as bummed as her. When I came home tonight she gave me a big bear hug, or big for her wee-sized self. She wanted to cuddle with me, she just wanted to be near. It was a wonderful feeling. When it was bedtime I offered to read to her. So we picked up Harry Potter 6, she found where she had stopped in her own copy and I continued. I haven't read a book to a child that isn't a 12 page book for teeny kids in years. It was near perfection. She snuggled into my arm, she sighed contentedly and I read a chapter and a half. I only stopped when I looked over and she is sound asleep. Her little mouth twitching in a dreamy state. It was very sweet.

Then I go to find Chuck and he is contentedly snoring with the Little One. The best part is the way they look. She is in the crook of his arm, one of her baby dolls in the crook of her arm. And Chuck? He is grasping a baby doll as well. My baby with his baby with her babies. Love it!

And I am not yet tired, so I'm going to read with the sound of deep-sleeping breaths in the background.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bla Bla Bla It's Hot. Next Topic!

So Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. Japan, Joplin, our own NE tornadoes a few weeks ago and lets not forget Katrina, Haiti, the Tsunami that hit the South Pacific. And this town is upset that a little over a week ago it was in the 40's and now it's nearing 100? REALLY?! Minnesotans sure are a bunch of whiny babies. What does Mother Nature have to do to make you happy? Cause I can promise you that she doesn't care so find something else to put your energy into.

Yeah it's hot. But you complain when it's cold, you complain when it rains, you complain when the sun decides to take a vacation for a few days/weeks. But you're whole land mass wasn't shaken from it's core and is now raining down radiation. Oh and you didn't have to sit on top of your house that was ripped from it's foundation and is now floating in a river of waste from a hurricane. You didn't have everything you own destroyed from the worst tornado in 60 years. It's just a little warm. Find something you can change to complain about. Gay rights, abortion, selling booze on Sundays, the fact that you put on two mis-matched sox today, the thought that you really do drink too much soda and it isn't good for you.

I say when it gets hot, enjoy it. Drink some water and go about your daily life because you can. Don't talk so much, less hot air out in the world. Feel free to bare those pasty white arms because everyone has pasty white arms. Have a beer, beer tastes better when it's sweltering. Go sit by a body of water and watch it lap your ankles. Do what I did yesterday and when you get home, put on the least amount of clothing possible, have a beverage of your choosing and sit out in the sun. It's so wonderfully hot here for so few months that you really should enjoy it, because soon everything will be going to sleep again for another blustery cold.

And for Mother Nature's sanity's sake, please enjoy what she gives us, because she can rip it all away in a moment.

Author's Disclaimer: I now live in air conditioning so it is a tad easier. But I grew up without AC and the majority of my apartments have had no ac as well so I know what it's like. I did a lot of laying around in my underwear with a fan directly on me and reading, generally being a lazy piece of lazy because it was so hot. There's another one for you, heat: a good excuse to do nothing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/3-6/5 2011

This weekend I...
had a lakeside picnic
went to bingo at the VFW
got my first professional massage
had a wonderful dinner date with my man
met some friends for a beer
had a lazy Sunday morning
took in 2 afternoon movies
had pizza for dinner
and went for an evening swim

All with the best boyfriend there is.

I'm a lucky lucky girl. And a happy one too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Signs of Summer

We had a picnic last night. And it was sheer perfection.

I wish this was my life all the time.

I breath a contented sigh...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Thoughts For a Friday Morning

Now that the 30 day song challenge is over, I need something new to write about. Ummmmmm....

Last night on my bus ride home from work there was a man with a guitar playing Brown Eyed Girl and the bus driver sang along. It was so cute and made me smile. Those who poo poo public transportation are fools.

I have 3 days off starting today. I'm planning a picnic for my honey tonight. He has a busy day at work and if he gets home late and we can't go to the beach, we'll have a little carpet picnic at home.

Tomorrow he is taking me out on a date. Loves! He even asked if he could take me out to dinner last week! Ain't he the best ever?! I think so.

My random-over-2-week-late joke involving The Rapture that didn't happen: I wonder how many babies will be born 9 months from the day the world was supposed to end?!

I am loving loving loving this warm weather! Last Friday I was standing at the bus stop in a hoodie and scarf and I got mad! It was almost June! But then on Monday when it was hot, humid, sticky, I was thrilled! I was sweaty and wearing a tank top, it's about time!!

I think I could really use a month off to do nothing. There is a huge difference in having nothing to do and doing nothing. I am quite good at doing nothing. And I think it would be good for me and my sanity. Alas, it's not gonna happen, so I'll make do with little breaks like this 3 day weekend!!

I want more dresses for this summer! Like a lot more! I want breeze blowing my skirts and cuteness flowing around me and more grily flirtyness in my outfits! I'm on a mission!

I did a boudoir photo shoot a few weeks ago. I got the photos back, ummmm I had no idea I could be so pretty! I think every woman should do something like that, you feel amazing during the shoot, at the end you feel like you could take on the world. And then when you get the photos back, it's a great boost for your self confidence.

Here's hoping it'll stay fairly sunny this weekend! I could use a little bronze toning on my skin!