Saturday, December 31, 2011


New header, new year.

Just the word, love. It fills my life in so many ways.

I loved 2011 and I'm sure I'm going to love 2012.

That is all. For now. Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I freaking love Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Until the past few months, I spent a good year trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to do with my life. And I've found it. You've experienced a little of my joy with my new job and it was thoroughly reinforced last Friday.

I completed my management training a week and a half ago and spent last week at a drive-through store. What a fine example of controlled chaos, on Friday there were 11 people on the floor including myself, and every time I turned around, everyone was doing their job and getting the orders out and correctly. From someone who wasn't used to working at the specific store, it was impressive to watch. I was on the drive-through head-set taking orders. And all week long I had an urge to sing to the customer ordering. Well, I'm not one to suppress an urge, so after looking at the video camera and not being sure if the customer was fully at the order screen, I just started singing. "Good morning! Good morning! It's so nice to have you back in town! Good morning, good morning! To you!" He ordered with a smile in his voice and came to the pick-up window with a smile on his face. He said my singing totally made his morning and that he was just going to sit there and listen until I stopped. I also got a few customers to sing over the head-set with me. We have a drink called the Fa La Latte and when a few people ordered I got them to sing "Fa la la la la la la la latte!" It was awesome! The manager of that location first jokingly asked if I had forgotten to take my meds that morning, then later told me that he wanted me on order-taker every day.

I emailed my boss about it that night. And he replied in all caps "I LOVE IT SARAH!!!!" and passed it onto his boss. It feels so amazingly awesome to be working for a company that lets my freak flag fly! And I get praised for it!


Chuck said that I look alive when I talk about my job. I'm so stoked to be taking over my own store next week and I am going to keep singing to my customers!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Made It

There are a few things that happen to people that seem to cement the fact that they are now an adult. Getting a drivers license that doesn't have your parent's address on it, buying a car without their help (however, buying it from a parent might negate the point, oh well,) going to a dinner party and having enough sense to bring a bottle of wine, and sending out a holiday card because you want to.

I have sent Christmas cards in the past and love doing it. But this year I am joining the ranks of those cards with the cute pictures of the kids on it that make you go "Awwwweeeee." And I couldn't be more excited! I created it on shutterfly using one of the many templates they had and my own pictures. It was so fun! I love taking pictures and am usually behind the lens so most of the pictures are of my little family, and it's the cutest thing ever! The kids are adorable, Chuck and I have such fun together, we all make each other laugh, it's awesome.

I'm all creative and stuff this season. It's so fun. Makes me want to make a picture card for other reasons. What those are, I have no idea. But I am in the midst of other creative do-hickeys right now, it's so nice to wake up my creative outlet.

I'm going address these cards and mail them all with a pep in my step. I'm excited about a Christmas card and I am a total dork.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Time

Click here, it's so beautiful. Love is love is love. Period.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Special K did this awesome little gem on my nook color. Ain't she talented?!

And this one was done by Little One. I just loved all the colors.

Friday, November 25, 2011


The day of gluttony and thanks has come and gone and it was a ginormous success. 16 people, at least 6 bottles and 2 boxes of wine, a case and half of beer, 2 turkeys, 7 pounds of potatoes mashed to perfection, so many green beans and broccoli it was a green veggie delight, much laughter and stories, and very very full bellies. It was such a good day. Chuck's aunts and uncle came over along with 4 cousins, my lovely mama, 3 friends from my old job and 1 friend from the new. And I bought a new dining room table that is big and wooden and shiney and nearly big enough to seat us all. I took maybe a dozen pictures but only of the food. I didn't get a single picture of the people that came. Perhaps I was having too much fun cooking and enjoying our wonderful company.

In spirit of the day, what I'm thankful for right now.
1. The 3 amazing souls that live in my house. My life became more than I ever thought it could be when they came into my life.
2. My mom. She and I both have started a new job around the same time and I'm so proud of her to take a chance on something new. She's a pretty cool lady.
3. My new job. I am thinking I am a lucky gal to not only be employed but to be employed in a job that I like and is supportive of it's employees.
4. My friends and the new ones I've recently made at my job. I love making new friends and knowing I will remain connected with old ones.
5. The new little booty slippers that a friend of mine gave me yesterday, They're so soft and cozy and homemade.
6. Being able to let my creative side flow.
7. Sleep. I think sleep is always on my list but I love it. And I love that I can sleep anywhere, not that I do. But I can.
8. My partner in crime, adventure, secrets of my heart, laughter and understanding. I couldn't ask for a better person to hug every day when I come home.
9. Coffee and water. Coffee keeps me going and water tastes so darn good.
10. The fact that I am starting to enjoy running. But shhhhh, don't say it to loud, I don't want to scare it away.

Write down 5 things you're thankful for today, carry it with you for a while. It'll help keep a smile on your face.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Thankful List Begins....

I'm hopefully going to keep a tally of things that I'm thankful for this holiday season. And here are my first two.

1. I just ran to Target and as I passed two teenage girls looking at the sparkling non-alcoholic wine, I heard one of the say "Let's get red. It's classier." She is going to be an awesome chick when she grows up. And I know this because I pick wine on how fun the label is. The "classier red" falls under the same lines. I'm thankful for her and her friend making me smile.
2. I have been going to the Southdale Target my whole life and there is an employee there in a wheelchair who has been a part of my Target life for as long as I can remember. Tonight, as I was leaving he was heading out the door as well. He said hello and then he also added "Have a great Thanksgiving!" "You too!" I responded. I'm thankful that he is a small constant in my life.

To be continued....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Good Place to Just Be

When I win the lottery I will put this in my house and invite all who want to read, write, contemplate, create, imagine, and just be.

Stupid 5Ks Stupid Back

So 2 5K's in 3 days leaves me not being able to walk because of some insane lower back pain. Hunched over like Quasimodo, laying on the floor trying to get my muscles to relax, alternating between heat and ice, lots of IBprofin, and last night not being able to make it to bed without the help of Chuck. Sucks sucks sucks. Stupid trying to get in shape and exercise.

And because of the last few days I now have my first appointment with a chiropractor. I'm nervous. But I want to be able to walk again let alone dance around like I do and not be afraid to move quickly and to do something else in my off time besides lay on the floor in a tense ball.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Yeah, Baby!

I just ran my first 5K. EVER. And under 35 minutes. I feel like a freaking ROCKSTAR!!! 34:47 to be exact. And I think I'll do it again tomorrow. The experts were right, working-out feels good. Who knew?!

5K. Me. The girl who claimed people shouldn't run unless being chased by a knife. I rock.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sanctity of Equal Rights

So we all know I'm a left-wing-bleeding-heart liberal and damn proud of it. I also get more offended when someone insults someone else or something I believe in more than when someone insults me. And we also know that I'm a sucker for bad reality TV.

I'm going to tie all of this together, I promise.

Reality TV; I will watch just about any episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and I have watched the wedding of Kim and basketball player Kris Humphries a few times in the last few weeks.

Well, those 2 stars were married for 72 days before Kim filed for divorce. After a $2 million ring and a nearly $10 million wedding, they are calling it quits.

And people of the same sex can't get married for ridiculous reasons but among them is because it insults the institution of marriage. I'm sorry, WHAT???

This has been floating around facebook and it just makes me giggle.

Lets look at some stats, shall we?
1. Elizabeth Taylor was married how many times? According to wikipedia she was married 8 times and twice was to the same man! Clearly she believed in "till death do us part." Multiple times.
2. Britney Spears has been married and divorced twice. And her first marriage lasted 72 hours. Thank you, Vegas for that quality, from-the-heart marriage.
3. Larry King has been married 8 times as well. One, I can't believe anyone would be attracted to Larry King. And two, it's shocking that he convinced 8 women to come to bed with him. Ick, but that is beside the point. He clearly worked hard to hold the institution of marriage at a high level.
4. Mickey Rooney, 8 marriages.
5. Zsa Zsa Gabor, 9 times.
6. Marilyn Monroe, 3 times.
7. Jennifer Lopez, 3 times.
8. Frank Sinatra, 4 times.
9. My father, 3 times.
10. My grandfather, twice.

And I get it, things don't work out. People change. Mistakes are made. People fall out of love. People stop caring for one another. Divorce happens. And that is OK.

The issue at hand is that people are not allowing everyone to love whomever they choose because allowing people of the same sex to marry one another "insults and lowers the sanctity of marriage." And can someone tell me how that is exactly? Gay people are no different in their love for one another than straight people. They love someone with all their heart and soul like anyone else. They also make mistakes and change like anyone else.

Maybe we need to stop looking at it as allowing gay people the right to get married, but more like allowing them the same miserable moments of divorce too. Just kidding.

But seriously, Kim Kardashian could get married and spend millions and then say "Eh, changed my mind" in less than 3 months and we can't allow gay people the same opportunity? It is so stupid.

Everyone should be allowed to say "I want to love you and only you forever." And if it doesn't work out, they can join the ranks of over half the population and end it. Marriage takes work, any relationship takes work. Just because someone loves someone of the same sex does not mean they aren't willing to promise and love and work with a partner to better their life together.


It was All Hallows Eve 2 nights ago and we went Trick 'r Treating. With the kids. And I'm proud to say that Chuck and I were the only adults in costume. We both love this holiday and dressing up is always fun! We went as zombies. We bought old suits from the Goodwill, brought them home and ripped them up. Add a little karo syrup and food coloring and we were the undead for sure.

And bonus, we are so totally ready for Zombie Pub Crawl next October!!

I can make zombie and death kinda hot. Haha.

My BN Family

This photo was taken on my last day at Barnes and Noble. But after work and at a bar. I miss these folks. They are such good friends. And now they are no longer my coworkers, they are simply my friends, (and it's missing a few people.) This picture makes me want to hug something.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Automobile Owner Once Again

Huh, I now own a car again. Well, not officially seeing as how mom still has the title in her name and I've only paid one minimal payment, but still, I drove it home tonight. And I even went through the Dairy Queen drive-through to celebrate. Think about it, when you don't own a car, you don't drive through anywhere. And they sadly don't let you walk through a drive-through. But here I am with a car in my back parking lot and thinking about what I'm going to add to it to make it mine. Anything to hang from the mirror, (illegal I've heard) a window sticker or two, an old scarf from the stick shift.

I don't know quite how I feel about owning a car again. I need one for my new job and it surely is going to give me a lot more independence. Not having to wait on the bus schedule is going to be very nice. And I have missed having a place besides the shower to sing loudly to my 80's hair bands! But on the flip side, oh the gas, oh the insurance, oh the fixits and oil changes and oh that extra stuff.

I took the bus downtown today to say hi to my old coworkers (I guess now I can just call them my friends) and my old regulars. I am going to miss the bus; the time to just read, take a nap, the people watching and listening to other peoples conversations. I might have to take a bus every now and then just for old times sake. Oddly enough, 9 times out of 10 riding the bus is my quiet time.

I'm surely going to have to name my new car. Every good car needs a good name. My first one was a Neon named Cybil simply because she was my first stick shift and I was kinda shaky driving it sometimes, it was like she had multiple personalities. Then I had a 1985 Jetta (I was 6 when that car was made) and I named her Ethel. She was old but spunky with her red body and silver fender, she was the German Ethel Merman (from The Producers, I tried to find a clip, no go.) And then I had the worse car yet, an Oldsmobile Acheiva, named Bertha Louise. She was a biggin' hence the Bertha but still a lady hence the Louise. The newest addition to my car history is a Toyota Camry. We'll see how she speaks to me.

And THANKS MOM! This deal came along at a great time for me! I am much appreciative!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Simple Day

I haven't been posting much. I've been enthralled in my new job. I've been busy learning the way they make coffee and how consistency is so important to them. When the higher ups came to my old job, no one ever watched us make a drink or tasted our espresso. Even though that was the majority of our business, that was not what was focused one in their visits. I'm learning to make good coffee, I'm learning the importance of properly steamed milk and good tasting espresso. It's been a new learning experience that I'm totally into.

Today I am off and am a cleaning fool. I have piles of laundry all over the house, bathroom that could use a wipe-down, a kitchen with 3 meals worth of dishes on the counter. So not wanting to tackle the dishes. I'm also working on some gifts, one of them is a scarf for a customer at my job. He lives in a tent and it's starting to get cold out, so he should have something warm and homemade. I'm going to run to Target and get some necessities and some cute clothes for the kidlets. I love having days off. I love taking care of my home.

Oh there goes the timer, time to switch the laundry. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Awesome Schtuff

Today's Awesomeness consisted of...
1. Me working 10 hours and not being dead dog tired at the end of it. It helped that is was slower that molasses in January but whatevs.
1A. Actually doing a good job at my new job. I'm selling, I'm making friends, I'm keeping up on the coffee. I'm rockin' it!
2. Having a clean bathroom and a closet full of clean clothes. I don't even mind doing both. And no I won't come do yours.
3. The fact that one my boyfriend's favorite TV shows are the ones that have the title "World's Dumbest" Or "World's Craziest, Most Shocking." He loves watching people make asses of themselves. Well, who doesn't?! And like I'm one to talk, if Keeping Up With the Kardashians is having a marathon, count me in!
4. My red cowboy boots. I love these boots, I will wear them with anything. And I do.
5. Tomorrow I am going to Decorah IA for my 10 year college reunion and am totally stoked! I miss these folks and it will be like we saw each other last month. And I'm looking forward to see who else will be there that I haven't seen in 10 years.
6. Sleep. But more than that, I love dozing. Lightly sleeping, with some sun rays peeking through the window.
7. The cool breeze. I'm just hoping it stays for a little while longer before the white stuff sets in.

What's awesome in your life?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Update

It's been one week at my new job and like any new job, I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I'm excited to be learning something new, to be a part of a company that so far, seems to care about it's employees. And I'm overwhelmed because its still coffee but its a whole new way to do it. And I'm a tad lonely, I'm the new chick and I'm not in on the jokes, all the funny little antics from my old coffee house don't work here, and when I have a question I have to wait until they are done gossiping to get it answered.

Time and practice will make it all better.

On another note, here is a small list of what I'm thankful for.
1. Food but more importantly a fridge full of food which in turn saves me and Chuck money and has us home doing what we love together.
2. This weather has been so lovely. But I'm ready for a little chill. I want to wear a sweater or a scarf and smell an evening fire in a backyard.
3. This weekend my bestest friends and I are going down to Decorah, IA where we went to college for our 10 year reunion. I'm uber stoked to be hanging out with these good folks again!!! These are friends that I can call for anything at any time.
4. Blankets and pillows all lazily laid out on the living room floor, so we can cuddle and be cozy.

The seasons are transitioning and I feel like I am too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Found Art, Literally.

I found these in our garbage room. "An Angel" was done by Gail age 4, and "Dancing Horses" was done by Dana age 5 3/4, January 1953. I think I'm going to keep them and hang them in the girls room.

I hope somewhere Gail and Dana know that I am loving their art, over 50 years later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Bottom Line

To My Customers, If I could write each of you an individual note and tell you how much you have made my daily job a joy, I would. But that would just take too much time, and I have coffee to brew. :) But I want you to know that I am grateful for each one of you. You are the reason I enjoy coming to work. I like making your mornings a bit brighter. I like making you smile with my antics and I enjoy it when you laugh with me at my ridiculousness. Making your morning ritual a bit more happy makes my day that much better.

When I started in the business of retail it was smiply a job. I worked where I shopped and it came naturaully to sell what I bought to others. But when I came into the cafe in downtown Minneapolis, I found a whole new level of self worth and a new found genre I was good at. I realized I liked selling. But more than that, I liked making people happy for a few moments a day. If I could make them laugh and give them what they asked for, than I could consider my day a success.

I want to thank you for opening this door for me. If you hadn't told me your name with a smile when I asked, joked with me about my company's need to upsell, humored me on a rough morning, or just plain became my friend, I wouldn't have gotten the new job I did. It is because of you that I was able to move up in a business that I like and that I am good at. I sell coffee but more importantly, I think I sell relationships. When I interviewed at this new comapny they asked if I thought I was in the "people business that just happens to sell coffee." And in my loud, enthusiastic way I responded with a resounding "YES! This is what I've been trying to say!"

The key to life is connection. If you don't connect with people on a daily basis, you're missing out. I hope you came to my coffee shop to find a small piece of human interaction and a jolt of caffiene, and that you will continue to come back when I am some place new. Thank you for continuing to come support my busniess when our espresso machine was down, when we were short a person and when we ran out of coffee for a few mintues. You are the reason we are successful. And for that I thank you.

Coffee is always your friend, but the people that make it are so much more.
Much love.

Monday, September 26, 2011

La Playa de Mexico

Yep, that new header is MEXICO, Baby!! That was taken on the highest peak of Rocky Point, at a restaurant called El Capitan. We went there one night with Chuck's mom for nachos and margaritas and had a damn good time!!

This was the best trip ever. We did nothing and it was wonderful. :) Well, not nothing, we hung out on the beach with our toesies in the sand and a cooler of beer. We rented a jetski for an hour, we at lots of tacos and quesadilla's, we napped, we hung out with his mom, we looked out on the ocean with the sun on our shoulders and a smile on our faces. It was so perfect. We also spent a few nights in Tucson with his friends. His friends are good guys who know how to have a good time.

Chuck has said since I meant him that he will retire to the beach of Mexico. I now think I'll join him. To see the horizon from all around, to have the sun shine every day, to simply live a simple life, I'll take it. And all with my sweet sweet man.

Me and the beach, we got along great.

Our hideout for the day.

This brings a smile to my heart.

When I've worked through the rest of the photos, I'll post a few more. I'm still reveling in the great time we had. Memories were definitely made.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Away We Go!

Dear Sandy Beach and Big Ocean, Why yes I gladly accept your offer to come sit in the sand with my toesies in the water and a beer in my hand. Thank you so much for your fabulous invite!! Much love ---Sarah

Enjoy the start of fall, Minneapolis! My babe and I will be back in a week. With a tan.

Cheers!! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here's a Gem

I was so orange and squishy and my mom was so young and with blue eyeshadow.

My step-grandma sent this to me in my birthday card this year. I've seen photos from when I was a baby but not this particular one. My mom still lives in that house, that window still looks out on the same tree, I've grown up, mom is still so full of life. Perhaps only the fashion has changed. :)

Mom, I love you. Thanks for giving birth to me and raising me with such compassion.


I did it! I got a new job! Three cheers for me!!!

I will be having my own store with Caribou Coffee and I'm so excited I'm nearly jumping out of my shoes! I aced the interviews, was even told that it seems like I am a closeted Caribou Coffee manager. Why, thank you!

My last day at Barnes will be the 30th, but bonus, I'm on vacation all next week! Chuck and I are taking a trip to Tucson and Mexico. He's from Tucson and hasn't been back in nearly 4 years. I'm excited to meet his friends, his mom, to go to all his old haunts. And I'm excited for the beach! Oh the beach. I am going to get tan and soak up nothing but ocean waves, sand and sun. With my love by my side.

Because of these two things happening, I feel like I'm on cloud nine. It's a good feeling. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


I don't post pictures of Chuck's girls because they aren't my children to post pictures of. They are all over my house though, I love pictures of my family around my home. But this photo is one of my favorite ones of the summer.

Chuck and Special K had gone to Valleyfair for the afternoon and Little One and I stayed home. We went swimming and had a bath and sat out on the balcony. It was a simple and lovely afternoon. As we sat on the balcony, I put my feet up on the little table we have out there and it wasn't too long after that Little One followed suit by pulling up her chair, taking a seat and swinging her feet onto the table to join me.

Isn't it sweet? And I love her little toesies.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm watching a show on CNN called Beyond 9/11: Portraits of the Survivors. It's a half hour in and so far it's only people in front of a sheer white background, just telling what they went through that day. Just listening to people talk about the same event from so many different views is very moving. There are a few people from the 81st floor of the second tower, a few firefighters, Rumsfeld, Tom Brokaw, George W., wives of lost ones, and so on.

I occasionally have tears falling down my face. I can't wrap my mind around that day. I spent it in my college town, glued to the television like everyone else in the country. I know people died, were injured, lost loved ones, are still feeling the physical effects let alone the emotional damage done ten years ago. But the size of the disaster has sometimes gotten lost for me.

One of the men speaking on this show was a Chief firefighter at the time and sent some of his Lieutenants up one of the towers to not put out the fire but to pull out people. And that was the last time he saw those people who followed his orders. One of the lieutenants was his brother. How do you heal from that, knowing that you were doing your job, yet it caused you to loose a part of your family?

Another man made it to the ground floor before the buildings fell and was headed outside through the courtyard between the two buildings. But he said it looked like a war zone, debris and dead bodies filled the area and he was told to go out another way. How does that image not haunt someone; you're at work and the next thing you see is dead people and remnants of your work place?

Another man was a firefighter who, several days after 9/11 found his son, also a firefighter, in the debris, and helped carry his body out wrapped in an American flag and a body bag. And his other sons, also firefighters, say they have no idea how he their dad did that, went down to the sight, day after day and helped pull out other people's family members.

I never really thought about the individual stories of the people who lived through that day. There were so many stories about the overall effects that the people that make the story have a heart got lost in the cleanup and rebuild. I didn't feel it personally at all. I was sad that something that horrible could happen to our country, that another human being could do that to someone else. But I have never turned the events of that day inward. I have never focused on the losses one at a time. According to Wikipedia there were 2,996 deaths that day. Who were those people really and who did they leave behind?

And I also want to know about the children who were born that day. Today they will be 10 years old and they have a story to tell too.

I don't think there are enough words let alone the right ones to encompass all the emotion of that day and all the memories that stay with someone. It's haunting, it's simply sad. But in the aftermath, the survivors and the families and the community has become a powerful entity of pride and resilience.

9/11/01 forever in my heart.

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Good To Be A Cat

Don't you want to do this some days? Looks nice, doesn't it?

Gazing at the Possibilities

I have been doing a lot of dreaming lately. And by dreaming I mean gazing longingly into the setting sun and imagining what is possible. I feel like I'm on the cusp of something new and amazing. I don't want to jinx myself yet, but I'm banking on a new adventure and a new door to swing wide open.

On another dreaming note, I want to spend some good quality time on a beach. I want the water to be as far as I can see, the sand to be soft and in between my toes, the sun to be high and hot, a book in one hand and a beer in the other. I want to know that there are no plans for a few days, to know that I can nap and it won't matter about not being able to sleep at night because there are no plans. Hungry? Lets find a deli. Tired? Lets take a snooze. Feeling rambunctious? Lets go scuba diving. And lets do it all over again tomorrow. Or not. Because we are on vacation and can do whatever we want.

I'm also getting excited for fall. Which means I'm getting excited for Halloween because I still love to dress up. And with the Littles now in my life, dressing up is even more fun! I kinda wanna go as a superhero this year. Ohhhh or a pirate's wench. But I have a rule about Halloween, you have to make your costume. If you buy a nurse costume from a store you're a Halloween cheater. And fall also means winter is next which means CHRISTMAS! I love the holiday season, the lights, the decorations, the music, the coziness, the shopping, the food and treats! Ahhhh LOVE!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


This story breaks my heart.

Imagine if your government kicked out your partner, lover, best friend. And never gets to come back. And your chronically sick and the person who is being forced to leave is your caregiver. It's terrible and heartless and just plain wrong. I thought we lived in a country that offered life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Equal is equal is equal. Right?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Header

Ain't it purrty?! This was taken from our balcony some time earlier this summer. That's right, I may live in a high-rise in a city I swore I would never have as my address, but that's one hell of a evening sky!

It's great to watch the storms roll in too! And watch the stars and moon come into view.

I'm going to go drink a glass of red on the balcony now. And enjoy this August night.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Work is making me so mad these days. And just to be safe, that is all I'm going to say. Except it's making me so mad. SO. MAD.

But I don't want to dwell on that. It is not awesome. And this blog is about finding the awesome in life. Work = not awesome. My life = awesome.

What is rocking my world right now.
1. This cooler weather. Spring and fall are my favorites and I like it when there is a breeze.
2. Chuck got Special K a telescope for her birthday last month and we've been looking at the stars. Because it's a little telescope the stars just look like brighter dots. But the moon.... lord the MOON! I watched it literally spin! So amazingly cool!
3. Staying home, drinking wine, cooking dinner with my man. The last month we've had a bit of a trip going out for happy hours, dinner, drinks. But we're going back to what we love and what got us together in the first place. Home and food.
4. My nook. I bought myself a nook last month and I freaking love it! I think I read more, it has internet access. I was sitting at the bus stop, finished a book, and when my bus didn't come on time, I just opened my nook andI started reading another one. Love it!
5. Cable TV. We got cable over the weekend. And yes I spent both Friday and Saturday night watching mindless television. And there is no shame in my game, I totally watched E!'s True Hollywood Story of Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Bunnies. Yes, I did and it was fantastic.

I'm off tomorrow and will be looking for the awesome in my whole day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Socks=Fire Under My A**

I need a new job. Period. I am making my company money hand over foot every day and yet when the higher ups come visit, no one mentions my successes. Instead they dig for something, anything we can improve on. (And I totally agree, there is always room for improvement.) But most recently the feedback I received was scolded for my socks, I believe the word was "unprofessional." I have a bunch of knee-high, brightly patterned, fun socks. None of them have any words on them at all, nor any photos of drugs, booze or naked people. Just snowflakes, butterflies, argyle, multi-colored stipes. Seeing as how I have to wear all black to work, I dress it up with fun socks. I have customers who come in and ask to see my socks as they pay for their morning beverage. It's my fun way of individualizing my work clothes. And that is what the big wigs choose to comment on.

I like my job. I'm good at it. And I used to want to climb the ladder within, but now I'm not so sure. I've never worked for a company that just plain doesn't listen to it's employees. It's upsetting, it's frustrating, it's disappointing.

And I realize I'm putting this online, anyone can read it. Risky? Yes. Needed for me? Yes. I need a job to push me for new goals and when I meet them, I get noticed for it. And I need a job where I can wear whatever socks I want. I need to work for a company that appreciates ideas, individuality, enthusiasm, communication up and down the company ladder.

Wish me luck.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Belated Birthday Post

First off, I LOVE WATCHING ELLEN! She is so fun and she dances and I just love her.

OK, next topic.

I have turned another year older and I'm going to rock the shit out of 32!

See? This was the night we celebrated. I had just had an hour long massage and an hour long facial, thanks to the best boyfriend ever. And that necklace was my gift.

It's the prettiest necklace I've ever seen! I love it and opening it and reading the card got me all teary-eyed. He did good. :) I wear it all the time and still look down at it and get filled with butterflies.

To celebrate we went to dinner at Loring Pasta Bar, I love that place.

The decor is just awesome and there was live music and really yummy food.

This was dessert. De-lish!

I was very close to actually licking the plate. Needless to say we had no leftovers.

And then over to The Kitty Cat Klub for drinks and live music. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter and love. I also had a big shopping spree for myself at my favorite store, New York and Co. A girl can treat herself every now and then!

Bring it on 32, I'm gonna smoke you!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have so much good to write about! But right now I'm busy eating popcorn, drinking beer and taking it easy after work with my honey! Hope your life is as fab as mine feels these days!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Tonight was the stuff of "I wishes." It was the stuff of unplanned wonderfulness and the stuff of childhood memories you hold dear in your heart as you grow old. We had no plans, it took us longer to get home than planned thanks to a little stop at Target. One, cause we needed sandals and two cause we needed a break from the no air-conditioned car, (cause we couldn't wait another block and a half to our apartment.)

We had nothing on the agenda; maybe swimming, maybe a dance party, maybe dinner and a movie at home. Turns out we did none of those things, but the evening was fab nonetheless. I read on the porch with wine and my sunglasses, and actually took a little 5 mintue snooze. Little One watched all of 15 minutes of Shrek 2 and then was over it. Special K attempted to lock herself in her room so she could jam out to some Katy Perry and Lady Gaga on KDWB. My sweet partner wasted some time playing Angry Burds, which I have been known to do from time to time.

But the best part was when everyone joined me on the porch. The movie was off, the solo dance party was through, Angry Birds were tired, and I got company. And it just got better from there.

Little One wasn't allowed out on the patio unless she put on her Tinker Bell nightgown. Special K asked our opinions on the last 7 and upcoming latest Harry Potter movies. Chuck and I giggled at the girls, at us, at little jokes that sprang up that only somone who has the dirty knowledge that college can bring you will understand. We snuck each others seats as the other person left to grab something from inside. We watched the sunset from our 12th story highrise. We got all glisteny from the wonderful humid evening.

The night was perfection. With it's comments of "no you can't have a popsicle" and questions of "who's a better professor Lupin or Madeye?" (If you don't know who I'm referrring to, look here) and sang songs like Down By the Bay..." I wouldn't trade tonight for anything. Flowing conversation, goofy music, and good company.

Bliss, I tell you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Fun, I just realized that on July 4th I had written my 400th blog post. That's a lot of opinions, words, happy thoughts, life changing moments, rants and raves over the last 3 some years.

In spirit of what has been much of this blog, today's 3 Good Things.
1. I have a new bathroom shower curtain, rug and matching towels! I love a clean, well-organized, matching bathroom. Now I just need some art on the walls, and no shells, fish or beach anything. Too cliche for my liking. But art is needed.
2. My new computer is the best thing I've bought myself in a long time. My old one couldn't play videos (even youtube was too far advanced for it) and it kept freezing on me. So I ditched the trendy Mac for a good ol' yet brand new pc! I have my right click back! And I can use picasa to edit my photos and I can watch Netflix on my new lap top!
3. My birthday is in less the 2 weeks! I love birthdays! No plans yet but I'm sure karoke will be involved!

Monday, July 4, 2011


I just stumbled upon the most awesome site!

Seriously, click the link before you go further.

Don't you want one of those near your house?! I do! It's like a public bucket list, you can share your dreams and hopes and read others and know you're not alone.

Off the top of my head, my first 3 Before I Dies are
1. Travel to Italy
2. Take a pottery class
3. Drive highway 1 in California

Before you die, what do you want?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I hope...

So there is a blog I follow that I'm know I have referenced here before and she posed a question yesterday. Where do you hope to be in 5 years? The following was my comment.

"5 years? It seems so far away but here it is already half way through 2011 and I have no idea what I'm doing for the 4th, let alone 5 years from now. I can only hope I'm still with the man I adore (who at the moment is taking a quick disco nap in his skivvies), loving his children more than I do today, in a job that enjoy 9 days out of 10. But mostly I hope I still love the fact that I am growing and changing every day. I'm not afraid of the woman I am continuously morphing into with my loved ones by my side. And I hope I have a more advanced camera strapped to me and more people reading my words."

Yep, still happy about that. Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Caution: I Have an Opinion

First my state wants to make it illegal for gays to marry and now the government is shutting down because they can't agree on a budget. I remember when I used to like being from Minnesota. It was nice and peaceful and full of people who cared for others.

Now it's got Tim Pawlenty, the right winged dick who left us in this mess in the first place. Michelle Bachman who couldn't tell you anything about civil rights let alone what hole she shits out of. And a group of people who are choosing to put their own opinions and beliefs above the people they work for. Nice going, Jackasses.

I wonder if any of them remember why they went into politics in the first place? Was it to be a rich, powerful asshat, or because they wanted to better their land and their fellow people? Because from what I understand the government is supposed to help the people it represents, not shut down and leave the state abandoned. People are loosing their jobs, parts of the state will no longer be running, and both sides are looking like egomaniacal, self-righteous, money-hungry morons who don't really care about who this really effects.

I could never be in politics. I'm too brass, crass, honest and loud. They'd kick me out quicker than they'll decide on a budget, that is for sure!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rock The Garden!

So last year we snuck into Rock The Garden. That whole day was one of the best days I've ever had!

But this year we got in legally, thanks to a college friend who had tickets and wound up not being able to go. We had a good time, but in comparison to last year, meh. The rain didn't help. I don't mind the rain, but it makes it hard to sit outside for 8 hours and enjoy a rock show. And rock show they called it. I beg to differ.
One, Minnesotans are lame. I've been to a few shows in the last couple of months and the crowd just stands around bobbing their heads. BO-RING!! Move, people! You're at a concert! For reals, who sits down at a rock show?!

And Two, don't get someone on the playbill that would be better at the State Theatre if you're going to call it ROCK the Garden.

OK, those were my 2 gripes. All in all I had a grand time! Thanks to the people I was with. My girlfriends from work kick some serious ass! And my boyfriend is one of the best fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants people there is! We drank beer, ate greasey food, jumped up and down, laughed, took loads of goofy pictures. We can make any party awesome!

My girls, Holly, Megan, and Marlene. They rock!

We got in without breaking any rules this time!

I wanted to go down front but no one else did, so I went by myself. Was pretty stoked to be nearly front row for Booker T Jones!

We'll have to see what next year's Rock The Garden brings us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I've been saying I'm a lucky gal for a while now, and for good reason. My man treats me so well. But there are two other people who are more lucky than I, Chuck's two daughters, Special K and Little One. He is the best dad out there and he is all theirs!

When I was asked if I wanted to meet his daughters last year, I felt so honored to be allowed to see that sacred relationship. He loves them so much that a person watching the three of them interact can feel it. He's calm and patient. He's caring and nurturing. He speaks to them as equals while at the same time being the parent as well. He teaches, guides, and lets them explore. He snuggles and sings goofy songs about toes and polka dot pj's. He is there for the Student of the Month celebrations and for the bed time stories. He will take them in an embrace and not only does the child relax into his arms, but a little bit of tension leaves him too. He praises them for the wonderful little kid things that they do. He teases, jokes, tickles, and hugs.

I feel so lucky to be a part of their lives. I date a great man, but he is great because he is a wonderful father. As we are getting Little One to say "My daddy is the shizzle!"

Happy Father's Day, Chuck! Always know you are an awesome dad!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Evening

I have been unusually popular today. Chuck's oldest daughter, I like to call her Special K in my head, has been fawning all over me. I was a tad bummed I had to go to work today, but not nearly as bummed as her. When I came home tonight she gave me a big bear hug, or big for her wee-sized self. She wanted to cuddle with me, she just wanted to be near. It was a wonderful feeling. When it was bedtime I offered to read to her. So we picked up Harry Potter 6, she found where she had stopped in her own copy and I continued. I haven't read a book to a child that isn't a 12 page book for teeny kids in years. It was near perfection. She snuggled into my arm, she sighed contentedly and I read a chapter and a half. I only stopped when I looked over and she is sound asleep. Her little mouth twitching in a dreamy state. It was very sweet.

Then I go to find Chuck and he is contentedly snoring with the Little One. The best part is the way they look. She is in the crook of his arm, one of her baby dolls in the crook of her arm. And Chuck? He is grasping a baby doll as well. My baby with his baby with her babies. Love it!

And I am not yet tired, so I'm going to read with the sound of deep-sleeping breaths in the background.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bla Bla Bla It's Hot. Next Topic!

So Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. Japan, Joplin, our own NE tornadoes a few weeks ago and lets not forget Katrina, Haiti, the Tsunami that hit the South Pacific. And this town is upset that a little over a week ago it was in the 40's and now it's nearing 100? REALLY?! Minnesotans sure are a bunch of whiny babies. What does Mother Nature have to do to make you happy? Cause I can promise you that she doesn't care so find something else to put your energy into.

Yeah it's hot. But you complain when it's cold, you complain when it rains, you complain when the sun decides to take a vacation for a few days/weeks. But you're whole land mass wasn't shaken from it's core and is now raining down radiation. Oh and you didn't have to sit on top of your house that was ripped from it's foundation and is now floating in a river of waste from a hurricane. You didn't have everything you own destroyed from the worst tornado in 60 years. It's just a little warm. Find something you can change to complain about. Gay rights, abortion, selling booze on Sundays, the fact that you put on two mis-matched sox today, the thought that you really do drink too much soda and it isn't good for you.

I say when it gets hot, enjoy it. Drink some water and go about your daily life because you can. Don't talk so much, less hot air out in the world. Feel free to bare those pasty white arms because everyone has pasty white arms. Have a beer, beer tastes better when it's sweltering. Go sit by a body of water and watch it lap your ankles. Do what I did yesterday and when you get home, put on the least amount of clothing possible, have a beverage of your choosing and sit out in the sun. It's so wonderfully hot here for so few months that you really should enjoy it, because soon everything will be going to sleep again for another blustery cold.

And for Mother Nature's sanity's sake, please enjoy what she gives us, because she can rip it all away in a moment.

Author's Disclaimer: I now live in air conditioning so it is a tad easier. But I grew up without AC and the majority of my apartments have had no ac as well so I know what it's like. I did a lot of laying around in my underwear with a fan directly on me and reading, generally being a lazy piece of lazy because it was so hot. There's another one for you, heat: a good excuse to do nothing.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6/3-6/5 2011

This weekend I...
had a lakeside picnic
went to bingo at the VFW
got my first professional massage
had a wonderful dinner date with my man
met some friends for a beer
had a lazy Sunday morning
took in 2 afternoon movies
had pizza for dinner
and went for an evening swim

All with the best boyfriend there is.

I'm a lucky lucky girl. And a happy one too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Signs of Summer

We had a picnic last night. And it was sheer perfection.

I wish this was my life all the time.

I breath a contented sigh...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Thoughts For a Friday Morning

Now that the 30 day song challenge is over, I need something new to write about. Ummmmmm....

Last night on my bus ride home from work there was a man with a guitar playing Brown Eyed Girl and the bus driver sang along. It was so cute and made me smile. Those who poo poo public transportation are fools.

I have 3 days off starting today. I'm planning a picnic for my honey tonight. He has a busy day at work and if he gets home late and we can't go to the beach, we'll have a little carpet picnic at home.

Tomorrow he is taking me out on a date. Loves! He even asked if he could take me out to dinner last week! Ain't he the best ever?! I think so.

My random-over-2-week-late joke involving The Rapture that didn't happen: I wonder how many babies will be born 9 months from the day the world was supposed to end?!

I am loving loving loving this warm weather! Last Friday I was standing at the bus stop in a hoodie and scarf and I got mad! It was almost June! But then on Monday when it was hot, humid, sticky, I was thrilled! I was sweaty and wearing a tank top, it's about time!!

I think I could really use a month off to do nothing. There is a huge difference in having nothing to do and doing nothing. I am quite good at doing nothing. And I think it would be good for me and my sanity. Alas, it's not gonna happen, so I'll make do with little breaks like this 3 day weekend!!

I want more dresses for this summer! Like a lot more! I want breeze blowing my skirts and cuteness flowing around me and more grily flirtyness in my outfits! I'm on a mission!

I did a boudoir photo shoot a few weeks ago. I got the photos back, ummmm I had no idea I could be so pretty! I think every woman should do something like that, you feel amazing during the shoot, at the end you feel like you could take on the world. And then when you get the photos back, it's a great boost for your self confidence.

Here's hoping it'll stay fairly sunny this weekend! I could use a little bronze toning on my skin!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Song Challenge day 29 and 30

I haven't been doing the song challenge the last few days, life has gotten in the way. And I couldn't think of a song from my childhood for a few days. But I did decide on an oldie but a goodie, literally. I used to dance in the backyard wearing a pink leotard with my underwear hanging out the leg holes and a hoola hoop as my prop. I was cla-ssy! And no shame then and no shame now.

I give you the chipper medlies of Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys.

And the last day of the song challenge was your favorite song from this time last year. Ohhh the memories attached with my choice make my heart smile. They make me glow from the inside out.

The lovely musical wonder ofWinter Winds by Mumford and Sons.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Song Challenge Day 28

A song that makes you feel guilty. What? That's dumb. I feel guilty when I've done something morally wrong, or hurt someone. But I generally don't do those things because they make me feel guilty. I also don't listen to music that makes me feel things I don't want to feel. This is a dumb theme for the day. I think the creators where just looking for an extra day and were running out of ideas. I'm not doing this one.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Song Challenge Day 27

A song you wish you could play. My list for this one is so damn long, but I think it's more like wish I could sing. Dylan, Beatles, Janis, Jimi, Elton, Stevie, Michael, Indigo Girls, Ani. Or perhaps I wish I could be them for a moment. Sigh...

But I went with a fantasitc singer/song writer, the amazingly wonderful and voice like a butterfly, Miss Joni Mitchell and her song /Both Sides Now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Song Challenge Day 26

A song you can play on an instrument. Sadly, I took years of piano and years of clarinet lessons and haven't really retained much. I own a guitar and my boyfriend can play it better than me, and he's never had any music lessons. Alas, I can play When The Saints Go Marching In on the piano and the very beginners version of it. I sound about as good as the person in the video.

Click the link for the most dull version of When The Saints Go Marching In ever played.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Song Challenge Day 24 and 25

This next challenge was a tough one for me, a song you want played at your funeral. I was going to go with Bye Bye Baby by the Bay City Rollers, thanks to the movie Love Actually. But I chose something more comical. I'm a funny gal so I figured I'd leave my life with a little humor.

Behold the comedic genus of Always Look On the Bright Side of Life from the Monty Python movie Life of Brian.

And the next days was a song that makes you laugh. My BFF Ryan introduced me to this song our freshman year of college on the first mixed CD he ever gave me. It makes me bounce up and down with giggles.

Thanks to the magic of Disney, I give you The Spectrum Song. You gotta get to the middle of the video to hear the song, but do it, it's fun and bouncy and surely will make you giggle.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So apparently, according to some 80-something year old goomer, today is the end of the world. Bummer it's so rainy out. If I'm going to be swept into the afterlife without being asked, I'd at least like the sun to be shinning. Would make me feel more angel-esque.

I however, refuse to believe that the rapture is coming until Donald Trump has a certificate to prove it.

Catch the sarcasm. (I've said this before, there needs to be a sarcasm font.)

I've read about an atheist who started a business for those believing in the rapture to leave their pets in good care. He has said that when theses believers aren't swept up to heaven they are going to be twice disappointed, 1. the Lord isn't back and 2. his company doesn't do refunds.

I find this all extremely funny.

I just don't understand how people can be so dumb to believe a supposed religious message written on a billboard. I really think that God is 1. more creative 2. smarter 3. more sneaky than to tell us all when he will end our world. The billboards are so blatantly ridiculous that it's just laughable. I pity those who fall that easily.

Wanna read about the second coming that is supposed to be happening as I write this? Click Doomsday.

Song Challenge Day 23

A song you want played at your wedding. I've wanted this played at my wedding ever since Robert and his wife did at theirs on Everybody Loves Raymond. It's hilarious and hell, my wedding will be a party, just like my life with my partner!

I give you the rocking style of A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley

Song Challenge Day 22

A song you listen to when you're sad. I have music I'll put in to cheer me up when I'm down, but I don't think there is a song I would listen to to keep me in a downer mood. So for today I chose a song that brings out the tears, in a good way.

No Day But Today from RENT

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Song Challenge Day 21

Today's challenge is a song you listen to when you're happy. (Isn't that the same as "a song that makes you happy from earlier in the challenge? But whatevs.) I freaking love this band, they are funky and dance-a-licious! I shake my goove thang every time I hear them! I put them in when I'm happy and it surely ups my mood.

I give you the totally rad Bump and Sway by Deep Banana Blackout!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Song Challenge Day 20

A song you listen to when you're angry. I'm not too proud of this because Fred Durst is an ass, but the lyrics are angry and fit an angry mood. And P.S. I haven't listened to this song in a few years, haven't been that angry.

And a little disclaimer, the lyrics are offensive. Apologies if you're offended. Here is the angry song of Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit

Song Challenge Day 19

Today's challenge was a song from your favorite album. I don't think I've ever thought about the possibility of a favorite album, I have favorite songs and favorite artists. But I choose an album from my collection that I think is good all the way through. Guns 'N Roses Appetite For Destruction. It's a solid rock album, it's tight, it's pissy, it's drug induced, just the way rock should be!

I give you Welcome to the Jungle by the rough around the edges, Guns 'N Roses!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Song Challenge Day 18

A song you wish you heard on the radio. Ani DiFranco doesn't get much radio time no matter what station you listen to. But she freaking rocks. She uses her guitar like a weapon, she writes lyrics from deep within, she wears her life and her stories as a cape. She is just awesome. I would like to hear any of her music more often, but I picked this song because it's one of my favorites.

You had Time by the wonderous Ani DiFranco

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I knew it!

I pulled out my dictionary today to look up specifically the difference between an amphibian and a reptile. And then like always when I open my dictionary, I wind up flipping through and reading definitions. And I read something that made me feel totally vindicated!

According the the Concise Oxford American Dictionary, the plural version of octopus is OCTOPUSES! Not that dumb octopi! I've been saying that for years, you can't end a plural version of an English word with an "I."

Even an editor at Merriam Webster will tell you what the dealio is.

Song Challenge Day 17

Today's challenge was a song you hear often on the radio. Funny, it's the same artist as yesterdays choice for a song you used to love and now hate, Adele. She is talented and a new fresh voice on the scene, but I'm going to really not like her really soon, if I keep hearing the same 3 songs from her.

Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Song Challenge Day 16

Today's choice was a no-brainer, a song you used to love but now hate. When Adele first came on the scene I was all about her! She was fresh, could actually sing, had an individual look about her. But now, if I go months without hearing a song by her it will be too soon. She is at the top of the list of overplayed. Talented, yes. Overplayed talent, absolutely.

I used to love it, but not so much any more. Chasing Pavements by Adele.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Song Challenge Day 15

A song that describes you. This one was tough. It seemed so final. But then again, it's just a list, I can change it at any time. I thought of going with Ani DiFranco's 32 Flavors, but that seems so cliche. Chuck mentioned American Woman, but no. And then jokingly, he sung "She's got legs! She knows how to use them!" I laughed. I played along and sung back "Dude looks like a lady!"


One of the first songs that came into my head was the one that I went with in the end. It's by a Scottish singer named Paolo Nutini, it was on his debut album. The song makes me happy and I chose it because it really is something as simple as a pair of new shoes that make my day. Enjoy the simple, chipper beat of New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Song Challenge Day 14

A song that no one would expect you to love. I'm not a big fan of rap, it's just not my thing. But I think Eminem is one talented fella. He actually tells a story with his lyrics and he doesn't have to make up words to do so. In order to appreciate Eminem you really have to listen and listen well, he's telling you something interesting.

Lose Yourself by Eminem. Go ahead and bob your head, it's got that kind of beat.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Song Challenge Day 13

A song that is a guilty pleasure. The phrase "guilty pleasure" says you're ashamed of liking it. Me? Not so much! Once again, no shame in my game! I freaking LOVE this song!

If you listen to this song and don't feel the need to shake what your mama gave you, I need to crack you outta shell, cause shaking it to this song is freaking AWESOME!
Don't Stop Believing! by Journey.

Minnesota Senate = Appaling

Really Minnesota Senate? Really? How pig-headed, rude, unfair and absolutely ridiculous can you get? I am usually proud to be from this state, but today I am utterly ashamed. You need to realize that love and politics don't mix and to keep your ugly nose out of other peoples hearts.

It makes me sick to my stomach that someone thinks they deserve more than someone else. This is one reason that I will leave the state. I can not be a part of a community that makes it a law that one person can not love another. It's bullshit. Plain fucking bullshit.

Our senate needs to
1. Pull their head out of their own asses and realize there are more important things to fight for.
2. Pull their head out of their own asses and realize that there is more out there than their own ignorant beliefs.
3. Notice that this doesn't put a ban on marriage but instead it puts others a step below everyone else. This is NOT equal rights.
4. Open their eyes inside and out and notice that they are hurting people. Imagine being told that the one person you love more than anything has no legal say in your life. You and your partner can not take the final step in solidifying your relationship. Imagine a group of the population saying you are not worthy. It's awful.
5. Realize that you aren't just messing with grown adults who have thicker skin and hopefully know their place in the world, but you are messing with the future of young kids. Kids who, right now, are trying to figure out who they are, and with this news making the headlines, would you want to be open and out?

If you haven't heard or seen any of the It Gets Better Project, please click and support. We all need someone to stand behind us, and here is a whole community that stands behind choice.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Song Challenge Day 12

Today's challenge was a song from a band you hate. It took me about half an hour to find an artist that I don't fully like. There are songs that I hate and ones that I think are crap musically. But an whole band or artist? It took some thinking. And then BING! like I was hit on the head with a brick. Stupid Miley Cyrus. She is untalented, obnoxious and so damn irritating I would be just fine if she just disappeared.

Listen if you must, but I would recommend it. She stinks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Song Challenge Day 11

A song from your favorite band. I love love LOVE Dave Matthews! And this song just makes me smile inside and out. Listen to the lyrics, Dave does tend to mumble so look 'em up if you have to, they are brilliant.

Behold the wonderful musical stylings ofTwo Step by my beloved Dave Matthews.

May this song convince you of DAVE's wonderfulness!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey MOM!


You're fantastic and I love you for everything you've taught me, everything you do for me still and for making me a strong, happy woman!

You're the BEST!

Song Challenge Day 9 and 10

I missed yesterdays song challenge, I was busy being pampered and then going out like a rockstar at night!

But day 9 is a song you can dance to. Really? Just one song?! That's ridiculous! I can dance to thousands of songs, and have! but since I have to pick something, Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel is surely in the top 5! I love Michael! That man made good music!

A day 10, a song you can fall asleep to. I can fall asleep anywhere. When I'm tired I go to sleep. (Thanks MOM!) But again, since I have to choose, Vivaldi's Four Seasons comes to mind. I love every season and they are just lovely to soothe one to dreamland.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Song Challenge Day 8

A song you know all the words too. I know the words to lots of songs but this one was literally the first song that popped in my head. It's also one of my karaoke songs and the bars love it!

Go ahead and sing along, to 9 to 5 by the fabulous Dolly Parton!

In the running would also have been Mercedes Benz by Janis as well and Me and Bobby McGee. Just about any song from the musical RENT. I think I could do all the words to We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel and I know lots of words to songs by the Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews, Poison, Guns and Roses and many other 80's hair bands!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Song Challenge Day 7

A song that reminds you of a certain event. Even says to me something that more than one person is in attendance, perhaps it's an annual thing. But my choice is more personal. This song reminds me of a very specific moment in my life. I cried and I turned a metaphorical page. And that's all I have to say about that.

Listen to Time by Tom Waits.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Song Challenge Day 6

Today's song was one that reminded me of somewhere. I don't really associate many songs with places, more with feelings or a moment in time. But with this choice I think of my beloved childhood summer camp, YMCA Camp Ihduhapi. We sung songs at every meal, and every night at the camp fire. This was one of my favorites. And I do think of camp every time I hear this song. And it warms me, makes me smile and brings me back to some of my favorite memories from childhood.

A wonderful song,Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul, and Mary.

And I'm sure many others have memories attached to this song too. It's a good one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Song Challenge Day 5

Day 5 - A song that reminds you of someone. I do a have a few songs that stick out in my mind for a few different people. But my choice was almost no contest. Not just because of the song or who it reminds me of but because when I hear it, it takes me back to a fantastic time in my life. I used to go out with my wonderful friends to the gay bars all the time, we had a karaoke night for every night of the week. And my BFF Ryan would sing this song, especially if I requested it and sing it so well. It made my heart smile every time!

Hearing this song, not only reminds me of my friend but reminds me of a time in my life when I had the closest knit group of friends I could have asked for. I was young and carefree and my biggest decision for the weekend was what bar we were going to go to. Ahhh, memories.

I give you My Maria by B.W. Stevenson, but in my mind it will be Ryan Gustafson singing.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Song Challenge Day 4

A song that makes you sad. There are songs that make me cry, but today's choice literally breaks my heart. It's from a musical called The Last Five Years. It's a wonderful 2 person show about a husband and wife. She starts the show at the end of the relationship and he starts at the beginning. And the song I've chosen is (spoiler alert) where he is singing about cheating on his wife. It's soft and lovely music but the lyrics just hurt my heart.

On that cheery note, take a listen to Nobody Needs To Know.

And then go find a video to make you laugh.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oh wow

I need to let the news of tonight sink in before I write about it. But let me just say holy-crap-shut-up-no-freaking-way-and-hells-yeah!

In conjunction with tonight's amazing news, if you haven't seen the President's speech from this year's Correspondent's dinner, you should watch it. His writers are witty and his delivery is priceless. Watch it, laugh and be proud.

A brilliant 18 minutes from our President.

Turning the leaf

I was going to post something about how much it sucks that someone I considered a good friend a few years ago got married yesterday and I wasn't invited. Not only wasn't I invited but I can't get her or the rest of those friends to get back to me in any form of communication no matter what I do. They seemed to have thrown our friendship out with last years fashion and it makes me sad.

But this blog is about finding the awesome, so I'm going to turn the leaf over and look at what is rocking in my world right now.
1. Still being able to turn on the heat in this weather and after taking a swim in a chilly pool and having no hot water to shower in afterward. But my slippers, a sweatshirt and the heat from the vent helped.
2. Taking a nap with my man, his sweet 9 year old and sleepy 2 year old while watching the Princess Bride. We flopped over each other like puppies.
3. Having the relationships in the book I'm reading starting to come together after many fiction years of no contact.
4. Playing chase with my cat. If you hide and occasionally peak out so he'll see you, he will totally stalk you around the house. It's fun.

This is what I saw playing chase today.
5. Getting good gift ideas for others. I got a good one today and I'm going to make it happen!
6. Loving lazy Sundays in this house. We are good at doing nothing. Cause there is a huge difference in having nothing to do and doing nothing. And on Sundays we excel at the latter.

What's awesome in your world today?

Song Challenge Day 3

This day's challenge is a good one, a song that makes you happy. I have many songs that make me happy but this one surely came to my mind first. I do a happy dance ever time I hear it and it's an infectious tune so anyone with me usually hops right on the happy dance bandwagon.

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce you to the happy happy joy joy song of The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead.

If you didn't get a little bob in you head or a skip in your step, I think you may need to see someone about your lack of chipperness.

I may have to listen to it again. And again. :-)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Song Challenge Day 2

Day 2 is the opposite of day 1, today is your least favorite song. Easy peasy for me, I heard this song on the Current all the time last summer and fall and it drove me crazy. Chuck even called in to request that they stop playing it. "Right now?" the DJ asked. "No." said Chuck. "Stop playing it period. Like never hear it again." The DJ was totally thrown off and mumbled something like he can't do that or he'll try. Needless to say it didn't work.

Behold the bad lyrics, the mediocre song story and the awful chorus that makes my teeth itch that is a song entitled XXXO by M.I.A.

I understand that you are trying to say that you want hugs and kisses but seriously repeating 2 letters over and over again is the best you can come up with?! That is just plain pitiful.

I know there are other songs I'm not fond of like that Trace Adkins song called Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (no one can sing about asses like Sir Mix-A-Lot) and that dumb James Blunt song called Beautiful, (a little tid bit of info for you, a few years ago that song was in the top 10 wedding songs for the year. I guess no one listened to the lyrics, he is stoned, riding the train and lusting after another man's wife. Bad karma to dance to on your wedding day.) But currently in my life this XXXO song takes the cake.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Month of Music Day 1

There has been something floating around facebook called the 30 Day Song Challenge. For 30 days there is a new theme for your song pick; your favorite song, your least favorite song, a song that reminds you of a place, etc. My friend Holly has been doing it and each day it was fun to see what her pick was. So I've caved and jumped on the bandwagon. And I want to post my choices here for a few people (uh-hem, Mom) who are not on facebook, I figured they should get to enjoy my choices too.

Day 1 - Your favorite song.
Bon Jovi's Livin' On A Prayer

I may get judged for this, but I don't care. I love 80's music and I can't help but jump up and down and love life a little more when I here this song! And the word favorite has such a final ring to it. Favorite ever? Goodness, such pressure. The Beatles were in the running as well as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, but my 80's adoration won out. There just might be a few other 80's songs in this list, just be fair warned.

What's your favorite song?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm a Dork

I have no problem letting my Freak Flag fly. I have little idiosyncrasies that make me ME. And this right here is one of them.

I love American Idol! I haven't been into it since the first season when Kelly Clarkson won, but surprisingly, my boyfriend loves this show. So I jumped on the bandwagon right away! I love stuff like this!

And these kids can SING! Seriously. It's hard to pick one, they all are fantastic! But my favorite guy is this one, a Mr. James Durbin. Wanna talk rock star? He's got it. Period.

If he was 10 years older, I'd be all over that. And my man says he's glad James is so young. :-) And jokingly Chuck and I were wondering if it would be shameful to get a James Durbin poster in our apartment. I think it would be awesome! I watch it every week, totally couch dance to his songs (in fact, this week we stood up for it we were so excited. Shhhh don't tell.) I get goose bumps every time he sings, and I vote. Over and over again.

See? Dork. Freak Flag blowing in the breeze.

Seriously, I love Idol. And I think this kid can win! (Here's hoping I didn't j-i-n-x him) Listen to his videos, tune in next week, and enjoy the rock star entertainment!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Overshare of the Day

I'm a hodge podge of feelings right now. And I need to write them out to sort through them. My emotions, listed in 10 words or less:

and yet I think all of these can be wrapped up into one word, hormonal.

Yes, I realize what I just admitted to with the above statement. But I'm a woman and we all go through it. No shame in my game. And I think there may be one or two more people who can relate to feeling so funky and emotional and not really sure why. And that unsureness is the most frustrating thing about it all!

Grrrrr, stupid estrogen.

What would clear these hormonal blues in 10 words or less:
a burger
new shoes
oreos and milk

I think those things could cheer up just about any girl.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's Awesome List

Today's Bucket of Awesomeness:
1. Yesterday's day of fun! We went and played bingo at the Uptown VFW and I won $27! Bingo is easy fun, pair it with beer and urban townies, and you got a few hours of goodness!
2. Finding good deals at second-hand clothing stores. I've frequented Everyday People, which is a great place for cute clothes. I got a fab dress there last summer and yesterday Chuck got a pair of Steve Madden shoes for $20 and I got 2 shirts and some bangles for under $20 myself! I love bargain shopping!
3. Waking up on a religious holiday, realizing all the stores where you were going to run your errands are closed and having a fantastic day of nothing! A yummy breakfast, a nap, a little laundry, a walk, some cleaning, some computer work. But all in all a day of nothing in particular and it's awesome!
4. Having the patio door wide open and then not closing the shades when the setting sun travels past. I'm just so happy the sun is out that I don't want to shut it out of my place for a moment.
5. The budding trees! I love little buds of new plants soon to be bursting forth with new color and new life! I wait for the day I look out my window and all the trees have blossomed into beauty!
6. Getting a call on this day from a friend like I have for the past how-many-years and telling me he prayed for me at church. Whether that's true or not, that yearly phone call brightens my day, makes me laugh, and makes me thankful for my friend!
7. Watching America's Funniest Home Videos, people falling and getting scared will always be funny!
8. Pizza. Pizza is so good. And dip it in a little caesar dressing, even better!
9. Turning around on my couch and finding my cat like this...

He looks so embarrassed and ashamed. But no, just napping the day away like he should, being a cat and all.

Go find what's awesome in your life!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Soap Box Part 2

So I got on my high horse in the last post. Apologies if I offend. But really, when has anyone known me to hold my tongue? It's one of my finer qualities, clearly.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Soap Box is Big

So I might paint myself into a corner here. Or wind up eating my words, (Lord knows that has happened once or twice in my life.) Or someone will school me in my wrongs. But the talk of taxes, our national debt, taxing the top whatever percent of the American public, I'm soooo over it!

And let me tell you why!
1. We get taxed. We ALL get taxed. We get taxed to pay for things like public schools, road work,, national parks, art museums, radio stations like The Current, public transportation, and new sports stadiums like Target Field. And those that aren't willing to have some of their money taken to pay for all the public things they enjoy, well those people should be on house arrest. If you aren't willing to pay, you shouldn't be allowed to use.
2. I don't care what side you are on, both sides get taxed. This is one issue where it effects everyone. And I know that one argument is "It is not my responsibility to support others." Well, let me tell you, I'm not a religious person, but there is a special spot in hell for those that believe that statement. Or anything along those lines. You may think it's not your responsibility, but it is your duty as a fellow human being to help others. I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune when your job cuts your position, and because you are so overly-qualified, you can't get another job. Unemployment here you come. Which means "Thank you tax payers."
3. There are so many other topics to be discussing. We need taxes to pay for things that we all like and we all use. Lets talk the ridiculous topics that should have been cut out in the Civil Rights era, like gay rights and abortion. How come we are still segregating our fellow citizens? Are we really stuck 50 years ago? REALLY?! How can anyone believe in their heart that one person doesn't deserve what they themselves have? When at the end of the day everyone goes home, has dinner, snuggles with those important to them, and gets up and goes to work the next day. And abortion and birth control.... oh goodness, there is a difference between having sex and having a baby. I think these are 2 separate topics but sadly it's all rolled into one in the government. But when it comes down to it, who are you Mr. Congressman to tell someone what to do with the fetus that is growing in a woman's uterus after she was raped by her next door neighbor? You don't know what she went through and if she doesn't want to carry the child, then she shouldn't have to.
4. My paycheck never changes no matter who is in office. I've always worked paycheck to paycheck, I've always had to budget my grocery money. No matter what has happened or will happen I think I will always be struggling. But I've got a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a job that I like, and I'm still able to help and donate to others.
5. And I realize that numbers 2 and 3 come back to number 1 because we can't help others and enjoy social events without taxes. Which is why the topic of taxes is deader than the horse they started beating back in 1776. We have to pay. Paying taxes is how this country keeps running. And those with more money should pay more taxes. If I made 6 figures I'd be willing to pay more. I can surely tell you I would up my donations to public radio, I would volunteer with foundations that count on taxes to run, and I would continue to work hard for my money. My money benefits me as well as my fellow human beings.

Subtopic/Authors Disclaimer: I realize that there are some that take advantage of tax payers and the funds supplied to the public. I see it every day working downtown. But those are such a small percentage of all the good that can come from paying taxes. Focusing on those bad seeds is like focusing on the one bad thing that happened to you on the way to work, rather than realizing how great the rest of you day was.

Next topic. Please.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well Said

"Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped out half of our 401Ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses, and paid no taxes? Yeah, me neither."

This has been running around facebook today. And I am a fan. I can not wrap my mind around the fact that people want to get rid of the arts and organizations that help others like Planned Parenthood.

One of the many reasons I have become a sustaining member for our local public radio station. They have done nothing but good for my life and the general public.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Letter

Dear Monday,

Thanks for kicking my ass into next Tuesday. In the future could I please have at least a 12 hour notice that you are going to be smothering me with every twist and turn a day could take all before my coffee has kicked in. I did not appreciate the volume at which you greeted me nor how early you arrived. I thought the joke that I was going to be opening the store instead of the one scheduled was rather uncalled for. The fact that my tummy was angry could have waited until I was off the clock. If you're the one who sent the memo to all those customers telling them to bombard me at the same time this morning, you need to be taught some manners. And if you could pass on the manners lesson to those whom every morning don't say please or thank you, that would be much appreciated. I'm really sure you couldn't have at least emptied the dishwasher or picked up a little while both Chuck and I were working our tails off. And in case you hadn't guessed it, we were not friends until about 1:30 this afternoon. And I'm still hesitant to allow the rest of my day to be joyous, in case you spit on that too. If you could talk to Tuesday and tell him to up the ante for tomorrow and make it less stressful and more light and breezy, the way a spring day, work or not work, should be, I'll consider allowing you to be back on my good side. Feel free to grovel, send a rainbow my way, or have the trees start to bud. Those things are a good start to redeeming yourself.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

I desire...

I want this in my house.

If I had to chose the one with all the shelves cocked to an angle so the books all sit in the corner to the shelf. Wicked cool.

And P.S. I'm writing again. For the first time in months. The creative bug has bitten me again. It's cautiously awesome.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Cherry to My Day

I have officially hit 30 followers! Holla! Thanks to whomever was the last one to join! I really have no idea how the ones that have followers in the 1000's do it. That is a lot of people tuning in every day to read about you life. Not that I would mind ;-)

I had yoga tonight and it was much needed. I know this because I really didn't want to go. It was just too much. I wanted to put on my comfy pants and be a lazy piece of lazy for the rest of the night. But that was what was kicking me out the door to stretch my body and my mind. It was a good, yet pushed class. My arms were shaking and my legs cramped. But it always reaffirms my confidence when my teacher uses me as the guinea pig and the example. I guess I am doing something right and I'm good at it too!

And then I came home to a dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans being started on the stove. Mmmmmm lovely. We cooked together and talked about our day. He makes cooking fun. And he takes an interest in my day. I am lucky lucky girl.

And to top it off, I was told tonight that I am a muse. Wow. Again, wow. I think I can cross that off my unattainable life list. One never thinks that they would want to be considered a muse, but once the words are out there.... It's an amazing, awesome, stellar thing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh goodness: a 180

If you didn't get a little chuckle out of this, I don't know if we can be friends!

The sun is out today, I went out without a coat on, just a fleece and a vest. And it was wonderful! I took a walk to Caribou for a tasty, sweet coffee. I love coffee, I love Caribou coffee but I also love that just the cups and napkins make me smile. Their campaign right now is "What do you stay awake for?" And it really is the simple things that make life worth while.

So take a 180 degree turn around from the previous post, this is what is making me happy today.
*coffee and chocolate
*the sunshine. Seriously, Mr. Sunshine, thank you for gracing us with your presence again! Feel free to stay as long as you'd like!
*taking a walk to run an errand and then wanting to just continue to walk because it's so gorgeous out
*clean laundry. It's not like I'm a fan of doing laundry, but I love having a closet full of clean clothes and fresh warm towels.
*coming home a few nights ago to a surprise of a clean bedroom and some of my art hanging on the walls and my curtains gracing our bedroom windows. He made it all so warm and cozy.
*and today, I'm going to make the rest of our place neat and cozy for him
*walking on those little thin pieces of ice on the edge of the sidewalk and crunching it all the way down the block
*wandering through Target and looking at all the summer clothes. The one-shoulder, off-white, lace overlay dress will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. Once it goes on sale, of course.
*getting my old writing inspiration back and working on a piece to enter into the Writer's Digest yearly writing competition. I have entered the last 3 years, haven't won, but might as well keep it up
*my yoga class last night and feeling renewed today and actually, oddly, looking forward to going on the treadmill tonight
*2 hours of entertainment in the form of American Idol tonight! Chuck and I freaking love that show!

What is making you happy today?