Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hello Running, I've Missed You

"No on should run unless being chased with a knife."

Man, am I eating those words now. Thank god. Thank myself for doing it. Thank my partner for pushing me. Thank my boss for getting me into my first 5K. Thank my own will to not give up. I'm a runner.

Or at least I was. And then I moved out of an apartment that had a treadmill and into a house that only had, god forbid, just the outside. Gasp! And then winter came. I hate winter for the fact that running is harder in the cold and snow. I haven't run in months and I have no reason except excuses.

So today I ran. And it was awesome. I ran without thinking "I'll walk at the next block." Instead it was "I think I'll run for one more block before I turn for home." It was refreshing and uplifting and so good to feel in my body and know in my heart that I still got it. Running wasn't a fluke for me last summer. Running has become something I like and I have missed for the past few months. It's something that I think I need to do. It's something I feel I need to do.

Today I ran. I ran in a sweatshirt that was too big, pants that were too short and leg warmers that eventually became just ankle warmers but I ran. No matter the flood pants or the baggy shirt, I'm back to running! I've missed it.