Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Today rocks! And let me tell you why.
1. I worked with Liz, I think she's my long-lost sister. We say things in the same inflection and at the same time. We finish each others sentences. We laugh A LOT. So whenever we do work together, we're bound to have a good time.
2. There was a free lunch of bagels, OJ, apples, and candy bars in the break room! Never turn down a free meal!
3. Liz and I each walked with over $15 in tips! That never happens, we can't have a jar for tips but we can take them if they are left. And I guess our customers were in a giving mood, a few even said "keep the change" when the change was something like $3.24. Score!
4. One of our regulars brought all us morning people Christmas cards. Each had a little chocolate marshmallow Santa taped to the envelope. We made his drink, exchanged a few chitty chats and he left. Liz and I went to open our cards and on the cover were little elves carrying packages that all said "Nice" on them. Inside, it said "Buy yourself something nice. Merry Christmas." And we opened one more flap and there was a crisp $50 bill. Seriously. He did that for 7 of us. You do the math. Liz and I were stunned into silence. We nearly started crying. I can't believe he did that. Talk about the season of giving. When he first came in and we gushed over the candy, I bet he was thinking "Oh just you wait..." He usually comes back for a second drink later in the morning and he did so today. I couldn't find the words to express our gratitude. He just smiled and told us that we always are so good to him and his employees (he has a business a few floors above our store,) we make him smile, were always in a good mood, he just wanted to say thanks. And then he said "Plus I didn't have anyone else to give it to anyway." Joking, of course. I just couldn't thank him enough. Nothing was going to kill our buzz today!

I guess my customer service skills paid off. Treat them the way you want to be treated and it does come back to you. I did spread the wealth and put some money in the salvation army bucket (although I do that just about every time I walk buy one) and Chuck's daughter and I went a bought Chuck a Christmas present today. But I will do exactly as the card told me and buy myself something nice.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas card

Is not sending out Christmas card this year. Just sort of slipped my mind. However, to those in my thoughts and deep within my heart, I wish you a wonderful holiday season! May you be told you are loved, get many many hugs, a few rocking gifts, and may the next year will bring more smiles, laughter and better memories than the last! Much love and giggles, Sarah

So if I sent a card, something like this would be written inside it. But it just sot of slipped my mind this year. Plus I've chosen to put the money that would go into those cards into presents for Chuck's girls. Good choice, I think.

My only concern is that because I didn't send one this year, I'm going to get the shaft on cards next year. Cause you know that many people save those cards and tend to send cards the next year to only the people who got sent one to them last year. But I'm not like that. I just don't send them at all. HA! At least this year. I usually love sending out cards, time just got away from me. Next year, I'm going to send them to those near and dear to me, and those whom I'd like to know I still think about.

Merry Holidays!

Again, pictures to come of the season to come!

No charge

I broke my charger for my computer. I tripped over the cord and literally ripped the cord off of the little bit that goes in the computer so it will charge. Bummer. But I have ordered a new one ($80 in a Mac store, $9 on line. Thanks Amazon!) and it should hopefully be here next week.

I thought I'd be totally lost without my little electronic pal, and I probably would be if it weren't for Chuck's computer that he so kindly lets me use. But it turns out I usually only go online when I'm bored. Which is a lot. I'll be sitting on the couch, wanting to go on facebook for no other reasons than I'm not doing anything else. It has sort of become a space filler - rather than just sitting, we have to be just sitting with the internet pulled up. Granted there is the news, and a way to chat with your friends, and funny videos to watch, it is a whole other source of entertainment. And it why not use it.

Stay tuned for photo updates of the holiday season! Once I get my new charger of course.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the season for Joy

'Tis the time of being joyful and being grateful for things in your life. So seeing as how my Thanksgiving post was completely about how we gorged ourselves on fresh food and not what I was thankful for, I figured I needed to document some items that make me happy.

In no particular order, may I present what I am affectionately calling "My List of Happy."

*Laughter. I do serve coffee for a living and tend to complain about dumb people often, but we laugh more at my job than I think any of the people that I serve. Like big-belly, mouth-open, nose-crinkle, hardy laughs. It's good stuff.
*A really comfy bed. I love sleep and blankets and cuddles and pillows and coziness. And having a cool breeze blowing through the window with an extra blanket on top. Although it's a little bit to chilly for that now.
*Speaking of chilly, I am love, love, loving this snow! Last Friday when it snowed nearly all night, Chuck and I went for a walk in it about midnight. It was lovely, calm, quiet, romantic and serene. Moments like that walk make me happy.
*Shiny, new wrapping paper and big bows! We were wrapping presents last night and it was so fun making them look all pretty and prefect.
*Good movies. Chuck and I saw Love and Other Drugs which was witty and sweet and made us both tear up. I may want to own that movie or at least the soundtrack. And we also saw Burlesque. What a glorious piece of trash! Some costumes from Moulin Rouge, some lighting and glitz from Chicago and the amazing script writing of Showgirls and you have the fantastically awful cinema attraction that is Burlesque! I may have to own the soundtrack to that one too!
*Chuck. Now I don't want to be the girl who talks up her boyfriend, but I totally am. He wants to spend time with me, he tells me I'm pretty, he loves his children more than anything, he makes me laugh all the freaking time, he supports me in all my wild hopes and dreams, he truly is my partner.
*My mom. She is a rock in my life and that never changes. She is always on my list of grateful and my list of happy.
*Chuck's daughters. They are little gems and are so sweet and funny. It's wonderful to get a hug around the middle (or the knees depending on which one hugs me first) right when you walk through the door
*Hugs. Giving, getting, seeing others do the same. I love hugs.

Here's a toast to what make you happy. May the list continue to grow!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So I was digging through our cupboards last night looking for something to have for dinner and I came across a can of tomato soup. And then another one. Oh wait, and another one. Somehow we've wound up with 5 cans of tomato soup. And even 2 different brands. Neither Chuck nor I remember buying said cans, but they didn't grow legs and walk here on their own. If you bring the bread and cheese, you are welcome to come over for dinner!

And yes that is a big bottle of half-drunk red wine and a Jesus candle in the background. What? They work well together.