Monday, January 9, 2012

My Heart Grins

I was up and on my way to work before anyone in my house had started to stir this morning. Chuck was dozing after his alarm had gone off and the girls were still sleeping angels. But when I got home today I had this waiting for me.

Makes my heart grow a thousand times.

Isn't she the sweetest?! I am a lucky lucky lady.

We, me, Chuck and the kidlets, leave notes for each over every now and then. And yes they are usually on a Magnadoodle. We're cool like that, it's how we roll. Some times on a post-it so we can take them with us if we like.

But this just made my day today. We had a GOOD weekend too. Saturday I took Special K to get feather extensions in her hair and then to spend a half hour in Claire's trying to decide which earrings went best with her new extensions. Brought me back to the hours I could spend in that tacky store, trying to find THEE coolest earrings are sassiest key-chain. Saturday night we had dinner and then a dance party that Little One started all on her own. She walked right over to the radio, turned it up, and started to shake her money maker. I got her to do the sprinkler, and the running man. Those moves are so precious on a 3 year old!!

It was just a heartfelt, fun-loving, joyous weekend. I am so luck to have found these 3

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