Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fancy Tradition

My family. They are so precious and wonderful and loved. We were headed out to see the Christmas Carol with my mom and her beau on the first big snow of the season. I needed a picture of us, this was the nicest all four of us had looked at once, ever. It needed to be documented.

My mom has taken me to see the Christmas Carol at the Guthrie Theatre every year since I was 8. It's one of my favorite things about the holidays. Some of my favorite memories involve this play. I used to love to watch the Ghost of Christmas Present change every year, I remember trying to watch just the narrator on stage during one scene (he always wound up as the Ghost of Christmas Future and I was determined to watch him sneak into the back of the costume) and not being able to do so, looking at all the over-priced gifts in the gift shop, trying to decide between a cookie or a brownie. It is one of my favorite repetitive memories with my mom. And we've now incorporated Chuck, the girls and my mom's beau as well. It's a family thing. Chuck and I took the girls new-fancy-dress shopping a few days before too. I think we're going to make that part of our holiday traditions as well. The shopping was fun, I got new shoes, watching Lily run around the dressing room with each dress she tried on was so cute, and Kira trying to decide between the gold or the silver dress, such decisions.

This picture is now framed on our mantle and it makes me smile inside and out every time I look at it.

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