Sunday, August 11, 2013


I need to start writing again. I miss being able to sit and put my thoughts down onto paper or the interwebs. You know, just somewhere that it can be looked at again. I do carry a notebook with me nearly all the time to write down ideas, things I want to remember, funny anecdotes, the latter of those usually is something that makes me howl with laughter while I'm drinking. And then going back and looking at it sans booze, it's still funny (if I can read it that is.)


Writing. I miss it. I have the time I just choose to use that time for other things. What specifically those things are, I can not pinpoint right now. I need to pull out my ideas books and my little notebooks that I write my ideas down in. I need to delve into what makes my mind run.

I should actually go do that right now. Rather than writing about how I want to.

And I'm out.

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