Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Everything

We called Santa last night. It was so magical. It made me all teary seeing the joy and belief and excitement in her eyes. We'd been telling her that Santa won't come unless she's asleep. So after a family party with Chuck's aunts, uncle and cousins, we came home last night and called Santa at 11:40 pm. And sure enough, one of Santa's helpers answered the phone, told us Santa had just left Mississippi and was on his way to Tennessee. She said she was calling from Minnesota and he responded with "You better hurry up to bed. Santa won't come until your asleep. And he's headed your way." She ran upstairs right away and jumped right into her bed. It was such a wonderful moment for me as a parent, to see her sheer joy and absolute belief that he was coming. It made me all ferkelmpt and filled with warm fuzzies.

If you don't know about this, read the following article. It was all because of a typo.

Merry Christmas, Friends!! Much love to all! And may you have a sweet moment that reminds you of the spirit of the season!

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