Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A makeover

And I wish it was for me. This girl could use a haircut! But I made-over my blog a bit and I wish I could get a big fun header like this lady and this one. I can't figure out how to do that and of course my header wouldn't involve kids seeing as how I don't have any. But you get the idea.

So I've written over 300 posts. In over 2 years. I've also moved to another state and back, lived in 3 soon to be 4 different apartments. I've worked in 3 different positions within the same company. I've left a relationship that needed leaving. I've fallen for someone else who makes me ooze happiness. I've gotten a cat whom I adore when I swore I was more of a dog person. I've started and finished a writing class all on my own. And most of all these changes are documented here in one way or another. I haven't won the lottery or done anything that could be classified as extraordinary. But I couldn't be more pleased with where I am or where I've come from.

So I was thinking of a new job but I've broadened my horizons a bit to school too. Only it's very much in the beginning stages. How do I pay for it, what happens to my 401K if I stop working, where do i get health insurance, can I just step down at work and do school too? So many questions and so many places to find the answers I don't really know where to start.

But mostly right now I am trying to gather up all my stuff to move in officially with Chuck. It's very exciting and I'm so looking forward to it! We both are literally counting down the days. A few nights ago we were going to watch TV but ended up never turning it on because we got caught up in talking to each other. Seriously, he rocks. We rock together.

If anyone can help me personalize my blog more (for free) let me know. Until then, I like my new background. Enjoy!

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