Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I feel like I've dropped off the blogger train. I'm not really sure why. Perhaps I talk now more than I write (which actually could be a possibility.) Perhaps I'm more grounded and don't feel the need to air my thoughts on the interwebs. Perhaps I have too much going on to take the time to write about (which is what lazy writers say.) Perhaps I'm just going through a dry spell. A very long dry spell. And when I say dry I don't mean I'm inspirationless. I am so lifted up in my daily life these days that some times it doesn't seem real. By dry I think I just mean not feeling the urge to write.

That's OK, right?

I remember a little over 2 years ago I had finished a writing class and was jazzed about sending my pieces to magazines and publishers. And then I just never did. Looking back I think I was more stoked about having finished that class, something that I did just for myself with no outside advice or push. it felt good. And then I guess I just didn't have to do it anymore. Or I got lazy. Or both.

So I don't write that much these days. And it's funny, since I got a car last fall and am no longer riding the bus, I don't read that much any more either. I want to change both of those. I miss the cathartic state of writing and I miss the investment in a good plot and deep characters I get from reading. Read write read write read write. Good writers read. I need to get back to both.

Perhaps this early delivered Spring will reinvigorate me.


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