Thursday, May 16, 2013

A First for Me

Those aren't just any old postcards. They are my very first Mother's Day cards! I was given 3! And each of them warmed my heart so so much!

The girls gave me one that said something like "Ever though you're not our mom, Happy Mother's Day!" Too cute! And Lily signed it too, she has the best signature right now, there is a big circle over her 'i' and her 'y' is sometimes backwards and surely none of the letters are the same size. And Kira is really working on her actual cursive signature.

Chuck's made me cry and still makes me well up every time I read it. We're both so thankful for the other and how much we've added to each other's lives. I'm so touched that he took a moment to write to me from the heart. I really got lucky with this one!

And my aunt sent me one. What a lovely surprise! She reminded me that there are many mother's in this world and all are lucky that come in contact with them. Thank you, it meant a lot to me.

I'm keeping those little gems on my mantle for a little while. :)

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