Thursday, November 11, 2010

A new chapter

Today is 11-11-10 and I have officially been living with Chuck for 11 days. It's been blissful. I have been staying here since around June or July because it was so effing hot out and I didn't have air conditioning. But with the past 11 days I didn't have another apartment to go to if I needed it. And there is no where else I'd rather be.

I get nervous about moving. Not where I'm moving to but the actual act of moving. What if I can't get all my things in the truck or in the new place, what if something breaks, what if what if what if. But once I'm in the new place all is well. Chuck made the move so smooth for me and eased my mind and all my what ifs about moving.

Once all my stuff was in the apartment Chuck looked at me and said, "I like having all your stuff here. It makes the place so cozy." That made my heart smile. I've hung up pictures, put out my books (sidebar, when packing up ALL my books I realized that I should invest in a nook. All my books into a thing that can fit in my purse rather than in 12 different boxes.) I've also overtaken the closet and have doubled the amount of dishes. But we got everything to fit and make it homey. Our stuff fits in the apartment and we fit together.

I look forward to the holiday season anyway but this year I'm really looking forward to it. Chuck and I are hosting Thanksgiving and are both uber excited to decorate for Christmas! We decorated for Halloween and had those fake spiderwebs all over the balcony. And this year our apartment is going to ooze Christmas! With new sparkely things and old items from childhood.

This is a new chapter in my life, living with Chuck. It flows so easy, it's so much fun! We compliment each other so well and laugh more than I could have imagined.
Me + Chuck + his girls + our apartment = a daily life of wonderfulness!

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  1. thrilled for you! Sounds like everything has fallen into place for you!