Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Day of Thanks, in pictures

So Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch! All the food came out at once, much wine was drank and to quote my honey "Not a single can was harmed in the making if this thanksgiving feast." We had friends over, a hodge-podge of people, most of whom had never met, my mom made it after work for dinner, and some of Chuck's family stopped by throughout the day. There was much debate about how long to cook the turkey, 22 minutes per pound, 17 minutes per pound, till you can wiggle the leg easily. But Chuck trusted his instincts and with a little advice from our friend and restaurant cook Justin, the turkey came out with enough time to rest and be served with the rest of the food. Yum yum yummy! The turkey was moist, the veggies fresh, the potatoes salty and buttery, All in all I'd say for the first time hosting Thanksgiving, it was a success!

I'm going to let the photos taken on the day of thanks tell the story. And seeing as how it is a day of gluttony, most of the photos are of food. Enjoy, salivate, and then go raid your fridge.

I actually found Two Peas in a Pod, whilst shucking the peas from said pods the night before!

Our fridge has never been this full. Nor will it ever be again.

Localy raised, fresh/never frozen, killed the Sunday before the feast, turkey. Isn't she glorious? We named her Maggie.

The Chef, preparing the salads.

I've never been a big fan of cranberries. But I gotta say, when you make them yourself, de-lish!

Canned veggies ain't got nothin' on our fresh greens!

The innards of the turkey, we used them to make gravy. But let me give you some advice, don't ever try to eat a piece. You will never forget the nasty "pop" it makes in your mouth.

Our table. There wound up being so much food there was barely enough room for the diners plates!

The Chef doing the honors!

The happily fed dinner guests.

So it may be a tad morbid and disgusting to take a picture of not only a dead turkey but a fully eaten one as well, but I wanted to show how we devoured the thing!

I turned our bathroom mirror into a place for people to write what they were thankful for. Needless to say it was well received. Among the responses were "I'm thankful there are no clowns here." "I'm thankful for cheese, wine, coffee at 8am." "I'm thankful that all scales are apparently broken and not functioning properly." I'm thankful people will be drinking before eating the stuffing." "I'm thankful for good cooking, friends, my kids."

I think I will be leaving these up for quite a while!

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