Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad move on their part

My building manager was let go yesterday. And none of us have any idea why. I think this is one of the most ridiculous things they could have done. Mary was so good at her job but mostly she cared about us. I've never lived in a building where the manager cares about her residents, wants them to be happy in their apartment. Mary took time out of her busy day to talk to anyone who needed it. This just sucks. I'm writing a petition to the management saying how we as residents don't agree with this move at all. Just so they know, and we did our part. We voiced our concern.

I have no idea what is going to happen now. But I started looking at new apartments yesterday just in case. But damnit! I don't want to move. I just got settled. I love my apartment. Love! And I love the area. It is so perfect for me not having a car and all. And there are a lot of for rent signs up around the neighborhood, but that involves so much. The deposit, the first and sometimes last months rent, packing, getting a moving truck, unpacking, taking the time off from work to move, getting people to help you. Yuck. Plus this place is mine and I don't want to leave.

From what I've gathered from talking to my neighbors, the management company is going to come in a "clean up the place." And we think that means getting rid of the people who don't pay rent on time, or who are disturbing to other residents. (I like that last one, perhaps then Nutty the Neighbor will leave.) And if that is all they are going to do, I have nothing to worry about. I pay on time, and I don't disturb anyone. At least to my knowledge. But with my lack of visitors, and my only watching movies at a decent volume, I can't imagine what the complaint would be.

I just really feel for Mary. She was the building manager for 15 years. She loved her job, and we loved having her there. She got things done and she cared about everyone living there. So much for having someone in the office you could count on. And that really bums me out.

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