Friday, August 21, 2009


So I saw Julie and Julia with my mom a few nights ago. It was very cute, and Meryl Streep can do anything. And it made me want to read both the books - Julie and Julia and My Life in France.

On the way home I was thinking about this quest that Julie went on for a year. Cooking all these recipes and finding herself. Not to mention finding a whole new career thanks to one article in the New York Times.

I would love it if I became a writer from an article written about me in the New York Times. But who wouldn't?! And lets be serious here... I live in the midwest, and the chances of someone from the Times taking note of me are pretty slim.

But on the drive home I was thinking that perhaps I could do something like what Julie did. She liked to cook and she liked to write. So she combined the two and it changed her life. (While nearly destroying it in the process.) Well, I like to read and I like to write. What could I do?

I thought perhaps I could read the top 100 books according to someone and give my opinion. So I googled top 100 books and came up with a list according to Time Magazine, and the top 100 Editor's picks 2008, Newsweek's top 100 books, the top 100 books according to the Harvard book store, and so on and so on.

So where do I start? Whose list do I pick? Do I give myself a time limit? Do I get to read others in the midst? Does it count if I already read it in high school? What do I want to accomplish with this? Prove that I can read? Well I already know I can do that. Prove that I can write? Done. Prove that I can write about what I read? Check.

The more I think about this as I write about it, I'm starting to like the thought of it. Stay tuned....

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