Sunday, September 6, 2009

A contented sigh

I just did some at-home yoga. Man, does that feel good! I was sitting at my desk a while ago, bored and not really knowing what I felt like doing. I was thinking that I can't hardly wait for my yoga class to start up again and then I thought "Why don't I just do some yoga here at home?" So I did. With a few candles, my pretty red star lamp on, and Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing in the background, I got back in touch with my inner-yogi.

At home I don't do yoga for nearly as long as I do it when I'm in class, but that is OK. I was in some serious need of some stretching. I've walked a lot in the last 24 hours. Yesterday I walked to and from work just because it was gorgeous out. And after work I went to a friend's house for some beers via the bus. But I walked home afterward. And then today another friend and I walked around and around my neighborhood and the rest of Uptown for a few hours. My legs got their share of work and then tonight got to relax and stretch.

It is only 9pm, and I am tired. Tomorrow is Labor day and I have the day off. I should be out on the town and enjoying the night life. But simply put, I don't wanna. My stoop with my neighbors or just my chair and a book will do.

I am reading The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. That book that was turned into a movie that won Kate Winslet a Golden Globe and an Oscar. My mom said it was a hard read for her, which usually means it will be really hard for me. But I'm actually finding it a well-flowing book. It was originally written in German (I think) and has been translated. The translator used the simplest terms and for a good chunk of the book, it works. It's told from the boy's point of view, so it's elementary in it's thought process about the love affair he has with Hanna. He was a teenager and his simple mind is very well portrayed in the words. I'm halfway through, in mid-trial and am enjoying it. I just know how it ends thanks to Hollywood.

Summer is coming to an end here. I love fall. I love sweaters and scarves and layers and cool breezes and changing colors. People always ask "Do you prefer summer or winter?" And I prefer Spring and Fall. I like the hibernating and re-birthing of nature. Plus it makes these glorious, warm summer months that much more enjoyable.

I have tomorrow off and nothing on the docket. Funny, after I typed that word I was just wondering what a docket was. According to my big and wonderful Oxford American Dictionary a docket is "a calendar or list of cases for trial or people having cases pending" So I guess I didn't use that word quite right. I am not on trial nor do I have any cases pending. But nonetheless (another funny one, who thought of putting 3 words together to basically mean "that aside"??) Anyway.... I'm rambling. I have nothing planned for tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be outside, it's supposed to be lovely out.

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