Friday, September 18, 2009

Work= a witch and a vow of silence

Some times, well who am I kidding? Many many times I meet such interesting people at my job. Like last night I met a woman who, oddly enough look liked a witch, cursed me. And not like a "Fuck you, coffee lady" curse. More along the lines of "A plague on both your houses" curse. Simply because I wouldn't refill her drink because she didn't originally get it at my store. That didn't make her happy, so she stood in the doorway and cursed me. "I curse you!" she hollered. "And may it follow you everywhere!" Yeah, ummm OK. I have no warts and nothing bad has happened, so I have a hunch that her curse didn't work.

And today I met a guy named Steven. For the past few days he has come in and gotten a tea but hasn't said a word. All his communication is through writing. He simply writes "I can not speak, but may I please have a green tea?" He can hear us so we talk back to him in yes and no questions. And twice he has given us thank you notes for being so kind and patient. "You kindness and small gestures means the world" his notes have said.

Well today he came in a spoke. We were all taken aback, yesterday he was silent and today he is speaking. He explained himself. He had taken a vow of silence for a week. Just because. To clear his mind, to center himself, to take in the world through other senses. And he said it was the coolest thing. After the first few days, your mind actually grows silent and you become inwardly calm. I was extremely impressed and to be honest quite smitten quite quickly with how open and honest he was to complete strangers about what he had just gone through. And then to hear his voice on top of how good looking he was, whoo-wee. He's handsomeness surely matches what I have witnessed of his inner beauty.

I would love to sit and talk with this guy more. He seems so intriguing and aware and willing. I bet he has a lot on his mind and seems like someone who wouldn't mind sharing it with someone else. Plus he said he was going across the country on his bike, which was locked up outside. I bet there are many stories there.

I wonder if i could take a vow of silence? Now, I can just hear all of you, "But you're loud, and you always talk, and you're so opinionated." Bla bla bla. Take all that out. To me a vow of silence is more of will power rather than just not talking. I can not talk, that part seems easy. It's the idea of learning to communicate with others without words, or holding what is dear to you closer in order to understand it rather than just immediately showing someone else. I surly couldn't work during this vow. But I also would have to not lock myself in my apartment. Steven had said that this vow drove his mother crazy. I have a hunch my mom might be relieved. Hell, many people might.

I just love my job. Look at all the people I meet.

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  1. not relieved but oh so glad to watch you do the inner connecting thing that silence brings. and, yes, I have done it-only for a day but what an enriching experience for one who likes to talk. I heard more of my thoughts that I thought I had, and some of them were wonderful. there was the odd weird thought, too, but I discovered a different me in there. pretty neat. I would like that for you.

    love love MOM