Saturday, September 12, 2009

A very amusing moment

So at work we spend a lot of time people watching. We have a big window that looks out onto Nicolette Mall and in the down time we watch crazy people talk to pigeons, girls walk by with too-short skirts on, fools with a bandanna and a hat on in wearing skinny jeans. It's highly entertaining. And with this comes the regulars. We see people come from across the street and we start making their drink, or in my case, we stare at the cute boy hoping he'll come over and get a coffee so I can ask him out.

I don't know his name. I think its Mike, a friend of mine thinks its Tucker (But I think he says that to mess with me) so we call this guy TuckerMike. And TuckerMike is cute. Another friend I work with suggested that I ask him out. I took his advice and did so. After my first failed attempt.

I thought I'd write it on the cup. "Lets grab a drink. Anything but coffee." with my name and number. So I did. And then TuckerMike comes in and orders a different size and I completely choke. I've never done that before, and looking back I'm still pissed at myself. I couldn't even say "Hows your morning?" I just stood there like a mute fool and filled his large (not medium, like I was hoping) cup and sent him on his way.

The next day, I was ready. No choking for me. I wrote my little message on a piece of paper instead, so I could put it between the sleeve and the cup of any size he ordered. TuckerMike came in after his morning cigarette (see, we really do people watch) and ordered his coffee. As I'm filling it, I'm trying to slide the paper in between the cup and sleeve and it is choosing not to cooperate. I can't chat him up any more, so I hand him the coffee with the note hanging very far out of the sleeve.

Smooth, Riley.

He goes over to our condiment bar for cream and sugar and puts the note in his pocket. On his way out he says "Have a nice day, Ladies." "You too." we all respond in a high, school-girl tone.

And we haven't seen him since.

One of two things were going to happen after he got the note. He was either going to call or he'll never come in for coffee again. And it turns out it's the latter. So I successfully didn't get a date AND lost us a customer in one shot. Awesome.

Now I don't care that he didn't call. I don't even know his name. He could be married, have a girlfriend, be gay (although my gay-dar would have picked up on that), but most likely he's just not interested. Fine. No skin off my back. But I want to go up to him during his smoke breaks and say "I don't care that you didn't call. But come back and get your coffee."

I guess TuckerMike isn't as cool as I thought. His pansy-ass can't even come back for coffee after a cute girl asked him out. In a very original way, I might add. Ahh well, moving on. On to another cute boy.

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  1. I just want to point out that this is exactly why I LOVE Miss Sarah Riley!!!!!