Friday, February 19, 2010

Resolutions gone nowhere

It's half way through February and I haven't done squat in accomplishing my resolutions. Nada. Zilch. Zip. I was house-sitting for the past 2 weeks, but that house had a fully equipped kitchen. I could have started cooking there. Nope. Instead I snacked my way through the evenings I spent there (meaning if I wasn't out to dinner or at someones house). And the house had cable television. I am useless in every aspect of the word when there is cable in my place of residence. Which is why I opt to not have it at my own apartment. I get so much more done by not having TV. Or at least I read and write more. So no cooking while house-sitting. And haven't cooked much before I went to said house and have made A (that is a long A because it sounds funny when spoken out-loud) dinner since I got back this past Sunday.

I haven't made the doctor's appointment to get the info on my vaccinations for volunteering at the hospital. Just haven't done it. I'd fill out the ap and then make the appointments but the ap specifically says aps turned in without that info will not be considered. And I could volunteer at another hospital that doesn't require all that. But I really want to volunteer at Children's. Plus it's good to be fully vaccinated or at least have that info for myself.

So I'm lame. And I have no one to blame but myself. It's hard to change your daily routine. I have never been a big cooker. I eat breakfast, lunch, and then if I'm hungry I'll find something. I do have some signature dishes but they mostly involve pasta which is like the wussy chefs meal. It's the fall back plan. Anyone can boil noodles. I need to plan my meals. Tonight I'll have this, go buy it, make it, eat it and be happy.

And the volunteering just takes a phone call to get the ball rolling. Good thing I chose to wait until Friday night to get my ass in gear for this. No doctor's office is open until Monday. I remember things better if I write them down. To Do On Monday - Call Dr's Office!

Good thing I didn't vow to loose weight or some such nonsense. Lord knows that would have failed before it even started. But I want to do these things. I just need to stop talking and start doing. Someone hold me accountable to these. Someone like me.

Oh hey, perhaps I should hold me accountable. What a concept!


  1. Girl, what do you want to cook? Check out for more crockpot ideas than you can shake a stick at. And yes, I am dangling a participle at you. ;p
    Or heck, check out my blog!

    I have to write down a physical, tangible to-do list or I don't accomplish anything. It's terrible.

    ~ Stacy

  2. You know me-lists everywhere. It feels so good to cross something off the list. I even add things I did to the list that were not on the list just so I can cross them off! Sorry you did not get that gene. Maybe you can manufacture a list gene or just pretend you are me. (ha ha)