Monday, July 19, 2010

My totally awesome birthday weekend!

I have the best boyfriend ever! I'm finally dating someone who knows that when it comes to my birthday, I get more than one day! My beau started my birthday weekend on Friday by picking me up from work with a Wonder Woman card and some chocolates. We did some shopping and come home and he made me delicious ham, pesto, and brie sandwiches. We had wine and some yummy garlic bread as appetizers. And then that night we slept out on the patio. We pulled out the hide-a-bed mattress, with lots of blankets and pillows and fell asleep to the sound of the night. It was a good sleep too.

The next morning I was given 2 breakfasts. The first was fruit with homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce. A little treat to hold me over till the yummy eggs and potatoes were done. All served with mimosas. That afternoon I was surprised with a pedicure. My feet were in desperate need of some love and were quite happy with bright pink toes at the end. When we came home to make dinner, I was given a lovely bouquet of wild flowers and we started to make dinner. He said he'd been planning this meal for a while. A scrumptious lasagna with Italian sausage, pesto, ricotta cheese. It wasn't soupy or runny the way so many lasagnas are. It was sooooo yummy that it put us in a food coma. And like many of our meals, there was wine and garlic bread.

That night I invited my friends out for karaoke at a bar in NE. What fun that was! My friends are so awesome! We sang and rocked out, shook our groove thing and got down with our bad selves! I love being friends with people who have no problem getting up in front of people and possibly make asses of themselves. That type of attitude makes life so much more fun!

The following day was my actual birthday, and we were lazy in the morning, in front of the TV and doing nothing. It was fabulous. Then it was tacos at my mama's. Family friends that are close enough that I consider them family came over with sangria and wine. Tacos, laughter and a few games of croquet wrapped up the night.

Sadly I have very few pictures of the weekend. Some goofy ones from karaoke, a well lit photo of the delicious lasagna, but no photos of the people that celebrated it with me. I guess I'll just have to hold those memories within my heart. And in case you haven't noticed, the road to my heart is through my stomach. My beau and I love to eat, he loves to cook, and I'm learning with him. Cooking together is so much fun and we really bond over food. It's wonderful.

I'm 31 and am the happiest I have ever been. Happy Birthday to me!

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  1. Happy 31st my darling!

    I missed both yours and Anna's birthdays (my two best girls) in my preoccupation with my daughter's birthday-in-waiting. I wish she were here already! (due Friday) But I'm super duper glad that you had someone give your birthday the celebration it truly deserves and am so excited for you - proud of my Pretty! We're 31 - who would've thought 31 would look this wonderful?