Friday, August 20, 2010

3 weeks into August

No news is good news. My life is fantastic! And I just haven't felt an itch to write about it.

Last Saturday evening my wonderful boyfriend took me out on a date. We borrowed my mom's canoe, got a yummy deli sandwich, some wine, and a candle. He paddled me through the city lakes for dinner in the middle of Cedar lake. We set up the paddles to be a sort-of table in the middle of the canoe and toasted to us. It was so romantic! And all his doing. Yep, I am one luck lady. He's amazing and he thinks I'm amazing. Thus far, we're a good fit.

Work is fine. I'm looking at other options. It's time for something new, I think I've learned all I can in my position and would like to move up, but there isn't anything open in a store I want to be at. Plus I'm tired of serving coffee. I love my crew and most of my customers but I want something new. Nothing worth writing about now, but I'm opening my job horizons.

I haven't been staying at my apartment because I don't have AC and it's f***ing hot out. So my dear cat and I have been moved to Chuck's and it's air conditioned comfort. It's been awesome. My cat loves all the extra space and I love the AC. But I have heard through the grapevine of my building that Nutty The Neighbor has moved out. Ding Dong! The Crazy's Gone! Thank god! I'm not even living there right now and I'm grateful she's moved out.

Chuck's daughters are with us this weekend and I'm looking forward to every minute. I came in the door on Wednesday evening and the older of the two came running and gave me a big hug. And the little one was being put to bed, but came out to say hello. I adore these kids and they think I'm pretty cool too.

And in spirit of my old posts, today's 3 good things...
1. Chuck made me lunch to take to work. The yummiest part, plain yogurt with sauteed blueberries into a sweet sauce. It was delicious!
2. Work was a very laid back evening. I didn't feel like getting all stressed on a Friday night serving coffee.
3. I'm off the weekend and I'm going to revel in the joy of little kids and a great beau.

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