Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This will surely offend someone

I say build that mosque in NYC. And then either shut your pot holes or find something worthwhile to fight against. I can't believe that this topic is actually taking up news time. There are churches, strip clubs, bars, probably a mosque or two within a few blocks already of Ground Zero, along with a few drug dealers and some hookers. And people are mad that there is going to be a building that doesn't fall under their thoughts and beliefs. I bet they wouldn't feel this way if the people who crashed the planes into the Towers were kids like Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris from Columbine; white people from Christian households.

It really makes me mad and uncomfortable with a lot of people in this country that there seems to be an aura of "I accept everyone." Long pause. "Just people who are like me." And by that I mean, no one of another color, belief system, religious preference, sexual orientation, life style choice, is allowed to do anything that is even close to me and my life.

And yes I realize that I'm really exaggerating here.

But I'm just leaning drastically in the other direction as the people who are leaning away from me. I don't get it.

This rant stems from Glen Beck's rally for "Restoring Honor". First off, Glen Beck is a dumbass with a loud mouth. A recovering alcoholic and drug addict with no college degree, and whose claim to fame is that he "Found Jesus." (I'm paraphrasing here, but here's where I get my info.) (And I didn't know Mr. Christ had gone missing.) And secondly, I was unaware that honor had been degraded which in turn would cause it to have a need to be restored. As an American (sounds so ridiculously patriotic of me) I feel quite honored to live here. Now more than I have in the last 8-10 years. And thirdly, why the hell does a Christian GOD and that damn book that people worship have to shove its judgmental face into everything?!

You don't mix politics with religion. It says so right here.

I don't care who you worship. In fact, I'd rather not know. As long as who and how you worship doesn't affect me and others it shouldn't matter. Worshiping someone or something has nothing to do with running this country and even less to do with honor. Honor goes to those that do good to others without being asked. Honor is earned, not given.

I say build that mosque. That building being put up isn't hurting me, shouldn't hurt anyone else. If it offends you, pull the stick out, take a breath and find a hobby. There are bigger things to be pissed about, better things to put your time into and happier things to focus on.

And while I'm at it, if someone would just made Glen Beck disappear like Jimmy Hoffa, I would silently thank you.

Here is where I step off my soap box. For now.


  1. Yes, more important things like baseball, and steroids, and Roger Clemens.

    Also a bunch of BS!!!

  2. I think it's easy to have the attitude of just build the mosque when we weren't directly impacted by 9/11. Don't get me wrong we all felt it and I will never forget that day but for the people that live in NYC especially the firefighters, police officers and the families of those that died 9/11 is something they most likely deal with every day. People are just plain scared and yes a bit ignorant. Muslim shouldn’t mean terrorist but to so many people it does and it’s sad. I see where these people are coming from but at the same time I agree with you that it shouldn’t be a big deal to build this near Ground Zero; along with all of the other businesses, religious institutions, etc.

    As for Glen Beck the man is MAD! I find it difficult to believe there are people that follow him or watch Fox News in general.

    I don’t think it’s a Christian GOD or “that damn book” as you call it that gets into everything. It’s the followers, the people that take religion to the extreme and even interpret the Bible not as it was intended. Yes I know everyone has the right to interpret things in their own way but there are a lot of things that people do and say based on what they have read in the Bible that I have a hard time believing God would have been ok with! Just look at the Muslims that take the Koran and use it for evil when I doubt there is anything in its pages that says to strap on a bomb and blow people up. People are crazy!

    Hope all is well Riley, I enjoyed your Rant! :)


  3. I totally agree with you Tucker. The Bible is up for interpretation but what bothers me about it is that people interpret it in a way to impact others lives. Live and let live.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! Hope all is well with you too!