Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9/1/10's 3 good things

1. Mama took me to the Fair today! Sadly I didn't get a single picture of us. Right before we got on the sling shot ride would have been a perfect time! Next time, right Mom? I've gone to the fair every year of my life, but my Medora and New Mexico years. I heart the fair. And I love it even more with my mom, she has no plans but is willing to go anywhere while we are there. We wander, we eat, we people watch. And it's fabulous!
2. When I came back to the apartment that I have been calling home and will for real in two months, I am greeted by little kid screams, hugs around the knees and a big kiss from my honey. Who could ask for a better welcome home?!
3. Fall is coming. I can feel it. Can't smell it yet, 'tis one of my favorite smells. But I know it's on its way. Fall is my favorite. Sweaters, scarves, layers, cider, Halloween, breezes through open windows with another blanket on the bed. Mmmmmmm, perfection.

Happy September!

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  1. I LOVE the Fair and going with you ROCKS!! Thanks for sling-shotting with me. too bad about not picture-we sure weren't thinking, were we?