Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas card

Is not sending out Christmas card this year. Just sort of slipped my mind. However, to those in my thoughts and deep within my heart, I wish you a wonderful holiday season! May you be told you are loved, get many many hugs, a few rocking gifts, and may the next year will bring more smiles, laughter and better memories than the last! Much love and giggles, Sarah

So if I sent a card, something like this would be written inside it. But it just sot of slipped my mind this year. Plus I've chosen to put the money that would go into those cards into presents for Chuck's girls. Good choice, I think.

My only concern is that because I didn't send one this year, I'm going to get the shaft on cards next year. Cause you know that many people save those cards and tend to send cards the next year to only the people who got sent one to them last year. But I'm not like that. I just don't send them at all. HA! At least this year. I usually love sending out cards, time just got away from me. Next year, I'm going to send them to those near and dear to me, and those whom I'd like to know I still think about.

Merry Holidays!

Again, pictures to come of the season to come!

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