Sunday, December 19, 2010

No charge

I broke my charger for my computer. I tripped over the cord and literally ripped the cord off of the little bit that goes in the computer so it will charge. Bummer. But I have ordered a new one ($80 in a Mac store, $9 on line. Thanks Amazon!) and it should hopefully be here next week.

I thought I'd be totally lost without my little electronic pal, and I probably would be if it weren't for Chuck's computer that he so kindly lets me use. But it turns out I usually only go online when I'm bored. Which is a lot. I'll be sitting on the couch, wanting to go on facebook for no other reasons than I'm not doing anything else. It has sort of become a space filler - rather than just sitting, we have to be just sitting with the internet pulled up. Granted there is the news, and a way to chat with your friends, and funny videos to watch, it is a whole other source of entertainment. And it why not use it.

Stay tuned for photo updates of the holiday season! Once I get my new charger of course.

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