Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the season for Joy

'Tis the time of being joyful and being grateful for things in your life. So seeing as how my Thanksgiving post was completely about how we gorged ourselves on fresh food and not what I was thankful for, I figured I needed to document some items that make me happy.

In no particular order, may I present what I am affectionately calling "My List of Happy."

*Laughter. I do serve coffee for a living and tend to complain about dumb people often, but we laugh more at my job than I think any of the people that I serve. Like big-belly, mouth-open, nose-crinkle, hardy laughs. It's good stuff.
*A really comfy bed. I love sleep and blankets and cuddles and pillows and coziness. And having a cool breeze blowing through the window with an extra blanket on top. Although it's a little bit to chilly for that now.
*Speaking of chilly, I am love, love, loving this snow! Last Friday when it snowed nearly all night, Chuck and I went for a walk in it about midnight. It was lovely, calm, quiet, romantic and serene. Moments like that walk make me happy.
*Shiny, new wrapping paper and big bows! We were wrapping presents last night and it was so fun making them look all pretty and prefect.
*Good movies. Chuck and I saw Love and Other Drugs which was witty and sweet and made us both tear up. I may want to own that movie or at least the soundtrack. And we also saw Burlesque. What a glorious piece of trash! Some costumes from Moulin Rouge, some lighting and glitz from Chicago and the amazing script writing of Showgirls and you have the fantastically awful cinema attraction that is Burlesque! I may have to own the soundtrack to that one too!
*Chuck. Now I don't want to be the girl who talks up her boyfriend, but I totally am. He wants to spend time with me, he tells me I'm pretty, he loves his children more than anything, he makes me laugh all the freaking time, he supports me in all my wild hopes and dreams, he truly is my partner.
*My mom. She is a rock in my life and that never changes. She is always on my list of grateful and my list of happy.
*Chuck's daughters. They are little gems and are so sweet and funny. It's wonderful to get a hug around the middle (or the knees depending on which one hugs me first) right when you walk through the door
*Hugs. Giving, getting, seeing others do the same. I love hugs.

Here's a toast to what make you happy. May the list continue to grow!


  1. I love seeing you so happy. most people miss BEING happy because they are too busy looking for happiness. congrats on seeing and appreciating the difference. and you are on the very top of my happy list! love love MOM

  2. Thanks PinkAmy! Hope you have happy things in your life too!