Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Best. Day. Ever.

Today rocks! And let me tell you why.
1. I worked with Liz, I think she's my long-lost sister. We say things in the same inflection and at the same time. We finish each others sentences. We laugh A LOT. So whenever we do work together, we're bound to have a good time.
2. There was a free lunch of bagels, OJ, apples, and candy bars in the break room! Never turn down a free meal!
3. Liz and I each walked with over $15 in tips! That never happens, we can't have a jar for tips but we can take them if they are left. And I guess our customers were in a giving mood, a few even said "keep the change" when the change was something like $3.24. Score!
4. One of our regulars brought all us morning people Christmas cards. Each had a little chocolate marshmallow Santa taped to the envelope. We made his drink, exchanged a few chitty chats and he left. Liz and I went to open our cards and on the cover were little elves carrying packages that all said "Nice" on them. Inside, it said "Buy yourself something nice. Merry Christmas." And we opened one more flap and there was a crisp $50 bill. Seriously. He did that for 7 of us. You do the math. Liz and I were stunned into silence. We nearly started crying. I can't believe he did that. Talk about the season of giving. When he first came in and we gushed over the candy, I bet he was thinking "Oh just you wait..." He usually comes back for a second drink later in the morning and he did so today. I couldn't find the words to express our gratitude. He just smiled and told us that we always are so good to him and his employees (he has a business a few floors above our store,) we make him smile, were always in a good mood, he just wanted to say thanks. And then he said "Plus I didn't have anyone else to give it to anyway." Joking, of course. I just couldn't thank him enough. Nothing was going to kill our buzz today!

I guess my customer service skills paid off. Treat them the way you want to be treated and it does come back to you. I did spread the wealth and put some money in the salvation army bucket (although I do that just about every time I walk buy one) and Chuck's daughter and I went a bought Chuck a Christmas present today. But I will do exactly as the card told me and buy myself something nice.

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