Monday, March 7, 2011

Movies, music, memories

I watched Footloose for the first time in a while (I would say years, but that's not true. I love my 80's movies and tend to watch all the ones I own every few months.) And the music in that movie, GA! I wanted to get up off the couch, grab my hairbrush, put on my red cowboy boots and sing along!

Footloose's soundtrack is just so classicly 80's. I mean c'mon, Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler?! It doesn't get any better!

K wasn't nearly as impressed with the movie as I was hoping. But she may have been a year or two too young. I'm excited to get Grease through our Netflix! I put it on there just for her, so we can have a movie night complete with toe-nail painting and one of my ultimate favorite movies! Seriously, I rented that movie every weekend for about 2 years when I her age.

What is it about those movies? They're not that great, no Oscars were rewarded, no Golden Globes, yet every time I watch them I get filled with some sort of joy that only comes with a great soundtrack and memories. Most of those 80's movies I watched at someone else's house without parent supervision. I remember the first time I watched Flash Dance, I was staying at a friends and had asked to rent Dirty Dancing, and the mom came home with Flash Dance. I was too young for the racy parts but watched it anyway. I felt cooler than I should have at 9 or 10. I remember not being aloud to watch Dirty Dancing but it was a free-for-all at my sometimes-daycare, when my mom's friend's teenage daughter looked after me and her younger sister. And by look after I mean slept in til 1, so us kids had free-range of the remote control. It was awesome!

And now I watch those movies and relive childhood memories filled with the possibility of dance and dreams and being discovered for not only my acting ability but also my amazing singing along with the soundtrack. Those songs were awesome then and they are just as awesome now, mostly because of the memory of possibility I could imagine for my dream/famous life.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my Breakfast Club soundtrack and shake my grove thing!

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