Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bla Bla Bla It's Hot. Next Topic!

So Mother Nature can be a real bitch sometimes. Japan, Joplin, our own NE tornadoes a few weeks ago and lets not forget Katrina, Haiti, the Tsunami that hit the South Pacific. And this town is upset that a little over a week ago it was in the 40's and now it's nearing 100? REALLY?! Minnesotans sure are a bunch of whiny babies. What does Mother Nature have to do to make you happy? Cause I can promise you that she doesn't care so find something else to put your energy into.

Yeah it's hot. But you complain when it's cold, you complain when it rains, you complain when the sun decides to take a vacation for a few days/weeks. But you're whole land mass wasn't shaken from it's core and is now raining down radiation. Oh and you didn't have to sit on top of your house that was ripped from it's foundation and is now floating in a river of waste from a hurricane. You didn't have everything you own destroyed from the worst tornado in 60 years. It's just a little warm. Find something you can change to complain about. Gay rights, abortion, selling booze on Sundays, the fact that you put on two mis-matched sox today, the thought that you really do drink too much soda and it isn't good for you.

I say when it gets hot, enjoy it. Drink some water and go about your daily life because you can. Don't talk so much, less hot air out in the world. Feel free to bare those pasty white arms because everyone has pasty white arms. Have a beer, beer tastes better when it's sweltering. Go sit by a body of water and watch it lap your ankles. Do what I did yesterday and when you get home, put on the least amount of clothing possible, have a beverage of your choosing and sit out in the sun. It's so wonderfully hot here for so few months that you really should enjoy it, because soon everything will be going to sleep again for another blustery cold.

And for Mother Nature's sanity's sake, please enjoy what she gives us, because she can rip it all away in a moment.

Author's Disclaimer: I now live in air conditioning so it is a tad easier. But I grew up without AC and the majority of my apartments have had no ac as well so I know what it's like. I did a lot of laying around in my underwear with a fan directly on me and reading, generally being a lazy piece of lazy because it was so hot. There's another one for you, heat: a good excuse to do nothing.


  1. To be fair it hasn't been this hot for 23 years... and it was hotter than Death Valley.

  2. For one day. And no one died. And to prove my point, it's summer! It's supposed to be hot!

  3. where my sister lives, it is in the 90-100+ range from April to October..I agree with Sarah-do what you can, be grateful for what you have-enjoy every day for what it gives you. If weather here is what you have to complain about about-lucky you!

  4. "Don't talk so much, less hot air out in the world."

    Hilarious! I will have to borrow that line! :)

  5. Also, I think the talk about weather is essential to our Minnesota-ness. We have such extremes and we go through a lot and talking about helps us move through.

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