Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Evening

I have been unusually popular today. Chuck's oldest daughter, I like to call her Special K in my head, has been fawning all over me. I was a tad bummed I had to go to work today, but not nearly as bummed as her. When I came home tonight she gave me a big bear hug, or big for her wee-sized self. She wanted to cuddle with me, she just wanted to be near. It was a wonderful feeling. When it was bedtime I offered to read to her. So we picked up Harry Potter 6, she found where she had stopped in her own copy and I continued. I haven't read a book to a child that isn't a 12 page book for teeny kids in years. It was near perfection. She snuggled into my arm, she sighed contentedly and I read a chapter and a half. I only stopped when I looked over and she is sound asleep. Her little mouth twitching in a dreamy state. It was very sweet.

Then I go to find Chuck and he is contentedly snoring with the Little One. The best part is the way they look. She is in the crook of his arm, one of her baby dolls in the crook of her arm. And Chuck? He is grasping a baby doll as well. My baby with his baby with her babies. Love it!

And I am not yet tired, so I'm going to read with the sound of deep-sleeping breaths in the background.

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