Thursday, July 7, 2011


Fun, I just realized that on July 4th I had written my 400th blog post. That's a lot of opinions, words, happy thoughts, life changing moments, rants and raves over the last 3 some years.

In spirit of what has been much of this blog, today's 3 Good Things.
1. I have a new bathroom shower curtain, rug and matching towels! I love a clean, well-organized, matching bathroom. Now I just need some art on the walls, and no shells, fish or beach anything. Too cliche for my liking. But art is needed.
2. My new computer is the best thing I've bought myself in a long time. My old one couldn't play videos (even youtube was too far advanced for it) and it kept freezing on me. So I ditched the trendy Mac for a good ol' yet brand new pc! I have my right click back! And I can use picasa to edit my photos and I can watch Netflix on my new lap top!
3. My birthday is in less the 2 weeks! I love birthdays! No plans yet but I'm sure karoke will be involved!

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