Friday, July 1, 2011

Caution: I Have an Opinion

First my state wants to make it illegal for gays to marry and now the government is shutting down because they can't agree on a budget. I remember when I used to like being from Minnesota. It was nice and peaceful and full of people who cared for others.

Now it's got Tim Pawlenty, the right winged dick who left us in this mess in the first place. Michelle Bachman who couldn't tell you anything about civil rights let alone what hole she shits out of. And a group of people who are choosing to put their own opinions and beliefs above the people they work for. Nice going, Jackasses.

I wonder if any of them remember why they went into politics in the first place? Was it to be a rich, powerful asshat, or because they wanted to better their land and their fellow people? Because from what I understand the government is supposed to help the people it represents, not shut down and leave the state abandoned. People are loosing their jobs, parts of the state will no longer be running, and both sides are looking like egomaniacal, self-righteous, money-hungry morons who don't really care about who this really effects.

I could never be in politics. I'm too brass, crass, honest and loud. They'd kick me out quicker than they'll decide on a budget, that is for sure!

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