Thursday, October 27, 2011

Automobile Owner Once Again

Huh, I now own a car again. Well, not officially seeing as how mom still has the title in her name and I've only paid one minimal payment, but still, I drove it home tonight. And I even went through the Dairy Queen drive-through to celebrate. Think about it, when you don't own a car, you don't drive through anywhere. And they sadly don't let you walk through a drive-through. But here I am with a car in my back parking lot and thinking about what I'm going to add to it to make it mine. Anything to hang from the mirror, (illegal I've heard) a window sticker or two, an old scarf from the stick shift.

I don't know quite how I feel about owning a car again. I need one for my new job and it surely is going to give me a lot more independence. Not having to wait on the bus schedule is going to be very nice. And I have missed having a place besides the shower to sing loudly to my 80's hair bands! But on the flip side, oh the gas, oh the insurance, oh the fixits and oil changes and oh that extra stuff.

I took the bus downtown today to say hi to my old coworkers (I guess now I can just call them my friends) and my old regulars. I am going to miss the bus; the time to just read, take a nap, the people watching and listening to other peoples conversations. I might have to take a bus every now and then just for old times sake. Oddly enough, 9 times out of 10 riding the bus is my quiet time.

I'm surely going to have to name my new car. Every good car needs a good name. My first one was a Neon named Cybil simply because she was my first stick shift and I was kinda shaky driving it sometimes, it was like she had multiple personalities. Then I had a 1985 Jetta (I was 6 when that car was made) and I named her Ethel. She was old but spunky with her red body and silver fender, she was the German Ethel Merman (from The Producers, I tried to find a clip, no go.) And then I had the worse car yet, an Oldsmobile Acheiva, named Bertha Louise. She was a biggin' hence the Bertha but still a lady hence the Louise. The newest addition to my car history is a Toyota Camry. We'll see how she speaks to me.

And THANKS MOM! This deal came along at a great time for me! I am much appreciative!


  1. Did you know that the car has a name? Hi Ho. The Lone Ranger use to say "Hi Ho, Silver, away!" to his horse (Silver) after he had beaten up the bad guys. The car is silver-hence the name!

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