Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Awesome Schtuff

Today's Awesomeness consisted of...
1. Me working 10 hours and not being dead dog tired at the end of it. It helped that is was slower that molasses in January but whatevs.
1A. Actually doing a good job at my new job. I'm selling, I'm making friends, I'm keeping up on the coffee. I'm rockin' it!
2. Having a clean bathroom and a closet full of clean clothes. I don't even mind doing both. And no I won't come do yours.
3. The fact that one my boyfriend's favorite TV shows are the ones that have the title "World's Dumbest" Or "World's Craziest, Most Shocking." He loves watching people make asses of themselves. Well, who doesn't?! And like I'm one to talk, if Keeping Up With the Kardashians is having a marathon, count me in!
4. My red cowboy boots. I love these boots, I will wear them with anything. And I do.
5. Tomorrow I am going to Decorah IA for my 10 year college reunion and am totally stoked! I miss these folks and it will be like we saw each other last month. And I'm looking forward to see who else will be there that I haven't seen in 10 years.
6. Sleep. But more than that, I love dozing. Lightly sleeping, with some sun rays peeking through the window.
7. The cool breeze. I'm just hoping it stays for a little while longer before the white stuff sets in.

What's awesome in your life?

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