Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Update

It's been one week at my new job and like any new job, I'm excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I'm excited to be learning something new, to be a part of a company that so far, seems to care about it's employees. And I'm overwhelmed because its still coffee but its a whole new way to do it. And I'm a tad lonely, I'm the new chick and I'm not in on the jokes, all the funny little antics from my old coffee house don't work here, and when I have a question I have to wait until they are done gossiping to get it answered.

Time and practice will make it all better.

On another note, here is a small list of what I'm thankful for.
1. Food but more importantly a fridge full of food which in turn saves me and Chuck money and has us home doing what we love together.
2. This weather has been so lovely. But I'm ready for a little chill. I want to wear a sweater or a scarf and smell an evening fire in a backyard.
3. This weekend my bestest friends and I are going down to Decorah, IA where we went to college for our 10 year reunion. I'm uber stoked to be hanging out with these good folks again!!! These are friends that I can call for anything at any time.
4. Blankets and pillows all lazily laid out on the living room floor, so we can cuddle and be cozy.

The seasons are transitioning and I feel like I am too.

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