Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How great is this?!

Tonight I went to my first book club. It's called Books and Bars and it's the second Tuesday of every month at Bryant Lake Bowl. And it's uber fun! I didn't even read the book (which was Bonk by Mary Roach) and I was still able to follow the conversation. My friend Holly mentioned it to me a few months back and neither of us had ever been but neither of us wanted to go for the first time alone. So tonight we finally went and it was totally worth it! Everyone was so open and had interesting things to say. And I even spoke up a few times after the conversation turned from the book to more a societal take. I made some new friends and am going to read the book for next month. That way I'll actually have something to say that pertains to the actual topic at hand.

Then when I got home I sat on my front stoop for about an hour with my neighbors. Karen (who actually went to my high school), Danielle and Lance. We chatted and laughed. Danielle's kids are coming into town for a visit, Lance used to live in Albuquerque, and Karen watched some drunks fight at the Scottish Rite Temple last night. All 3 of us just love where we live and I see them out on the stoop many a evening. I am going to start joining them more often. That was fun.

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  1. Any club to do with reading/writing/literature in general, is a great way to hear new ideas, and to also get a great chance to speak.