Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Pride!

It's Pride weekend here in Minneapolis and I love it! Pride always brings such happiness to the cities for a weekend. Everyone puts away the animosity for a few days and just shares good things. I worked at the Barnes and Noble booth at Loring Park today, just getting people to sign up for a book drawing. I people watched and enjoyed the day.

Tomorrow is the Pride parade and I love that day. When I first started going to pride with my boys it was several years ago, we meet in front of Rock Bottom Brewery downtown every year. My old friend Davey's parents are there with homemade Bloddy Mary's and we all watch the parade, and laugh and have such a good time. And now all my boys have moved to another state. It's not the same without them. I missed them a lot today even while I was working. But tomorrow I think I'll miss them even more. We all still meet in front of Rock Bottom, Davey's parents are still there, and we still have a blast. There will be other friends, boys that I've met over the years, but no one can replace my good old gays.

Heres to you Ryan, Nate, Justin, Matt (newbie), Skippy and James. I miss you more this weekend than ever before.

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