Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My little vacation

So I got back from a trip to Olympia, WA to watch a close family friend graduate college. She's like my kid sister and I couldn't be more proud! She has really grown into an independent woman and I'm glad to call her my friend.

Here are some photographic highlights of the trip.

This was the whole gang on the trip. We were on a really really tall bridge, and I saw a great photo op. The dog, however, is not ours. It belonged to the lady who took our picture.

We harvested (if that is the correct word) our own mussels, clams, and oysters nearly every night for pre-dinner. And my word, were they delicious!

Me and my mama. Such a great photo of both of us.

This is an art project that Alicia had been working on called the Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Project. Check out the link at the top! It's amazing!

And this was one of the views from our beach house. Lovely isn't it?

I would retire out there! It was so serene and beautiful and right on the ocean. It could have been the fact that I was ready for a good vacation but it really is a place I'd consider. I like the water and the sun shined (which I realize doesn't happen all that often in Washington) but I also like the rain.

We laughed a lot! And drank and laughed some more. I read, laid out in the sun, went shopping, did a little writing, it was wonderful. And one of the best parts about it I was with people I care a great deal about. They are like family and we celebrate many things together.

It's now back to work, which I don't mind. And back to Minneapolis, which I love. And back to my own bed, which is fabulous. But that vacation hit my need-to-relax-longer-than-a-day-off spot.

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