Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today on my bike.

I have never hit an animal with a vehicle while I've been driving. I did once hit a deer coming back from college, with my aunt driving, in someone else's car, withe me in shotgun. But with me driving, no dead animals, thank God.

Today was a different story.

I almost ran over a squirrel. On my bike. The squirrels in Loring Park are stupid and mangy. And they don't brake and run the other way like they usually do in the street. One ugly little bugger ran across just a foot away from my front tire today. I screamed and probably swore at it and rode on.

And then on the way home, I realized that without a windshield of a car, on my bike my face takes it place. On my ride home today I was hit in the eye and the mouth with bugs.


But I am going green. I am getting my exercise. And I am saving money with no gas and very little use of my bus card. I think all of that out-weighs the comical-ness of what I experienced on my two-wheels today.

Here is a picture of my bike, by the way. Isn't she fabulous?!

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