Monday, October 12, 2009

Last baseball post till next spring

Stupid, overpaid, over-popular, trendy-right-now Yankees ripped it out from under us again!

I hate the Yankees! They are so good and I hate them! It's no fun to root for a team that always wins.


I guess Alex Rodriguez didn't do what I asked and give my Twins a break. Damnit.

Friday, that ball was fair! And yesterday Punto was safe!!

But I will say all three games they both played such good ball. My hometown heroes played their hearts out! And they won the division championship, which was a big feat considering where they where a little over a month ago.

I'm proud of them and can't hardly wait for next season! It will be my first outdoor baseball game and I'm stoked!

And thanks so much to my awesome Mom for getting the tickets to these fantastically played games!

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  1. I hate the Yankees 2! They are all big show offs... totally agree with you on that one.