Saturday, October 10, 2009

Open mouth insert BOTH feet

So today at work I was hopped up from an uber fun evening the night before and an extra cup of coffee this morning. We were having a good day, steady flow of customers, gossiping and joking with each other. At one point, my co-worker Laura, is helping someone and I look up to take the next order and Kate Hudson is standing in front of me.

Yep. THAT Kate Hudson.

The Yankees are in town to play the Twins tomorrow for the ALDS championship. And according to all the gossip rags I flip through at work, Kate is dating Alex Rodriguez, the 3rd baseman for the Yankees.

I look down and silently scream "Holy crap, that's Kate Hudson!" Look up, and take her order.

She orders a grande, skinny, triple, wet Cappuccino and then says she will be right back. I lean over to Laura and whisper "That's totally Kate Hudson." And at the point we both loose our shit. I'm shaking making her drink, thinking "I'm not going to get enough foam!" And Laura can't count change and completely looses her train of thought.

When Kate came back in her Gucci sunglasses and Louis Vuitton boots, I ring her up, give her my membership discount (yeah, cause she needs to save money), give her the change and say "It was a pleasure to make your drink." She smiles and says thank you and walks away.

Laura and I flip out. We can't even put a sentence together enough to express how shocked we are. We just jump around the cafe with a Did-that-just-happen attitude.

Not too long after I see Alex Rodriguez in magazines. I go over to him and say "So are you going to give my boys a break tomorrow let them win one?" (Keep in mind, the last two games the Twins have been up until the last couple of innings and those damn Yankees just rip it away. I hate the Yankees!) And he says "Your boys don't need a break. They're good." I shake his hand and go back to my cafe.

This is where it gets good.

We are so star struck that we are running on adrenaline and are bumping around the cafe. I am so excited that I start to tell everyone that comes through my line. "How's your day?" they ask. "Well, let me tell you!"

I'm so stoked that I go and tell this story to another Yankee ball player.

Yep. Open mouth insert BOTH feet.

Only I don't find this out until after I have already babbled my stupid celebrity sighting to another celebrity. I didn't recognize him. I only know the big names on the team. And apparently the ones who make the gossip rags.

When another co-worker who witnessed my ridiculous moment told me what I did, I was so sutpidly embarrassed all I could do was laugh. I was totally THAT fan. The one who is so in awe of a celebrity that I have to go and tell everyone else.


Ahhh well. It makes for a good story for me, a good laugh for a lot of others. And I bet for those few celebrities I encountered tonight, I'm just another one in their book of Dumb Things Fans Do and Say.


  1. Absolutely brilliant. I cannot believe you walked up to A-Rod and asked him to pardon the Twins. Amazing. I'm going to re-tell your story- giving you full credit, of course- because it's so rock star. Awesome.

  2. ummm that is a HYSTERICAL, and awesome can confirm now that they are together and that they like to read:) lol

  3. I hate A-rod and love this entry.