Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brrrr and a bummer

So on one of the coldest days of the year I have discovered a few things.
1. No job interview is worth a frozen lower half. No matter the layers, my legs, feet and toes were so cold it hurt.
2. The day before an interview, call to make sure you both are still game. Especially if the interviewer takes a week to call you back in the first place.
3. A beer in the middle of a day, after being outside in -19 windchill for an hour walking the streets of downtown looking for said interview place and then looking for a bar to have said beer in, is more delicious than one could ever imagine.
4. Having a boyfriend who will leave work for his lunch hour and come rescue you from the cold and enjoy the beer with you is a rare and wonderful thing.
5. Napping, no matter how long the nap lasts, is good.
6. A little Michael Jackson's "Thriller" makes waiting at the cold bus stop a wee bit more bearable.
7. Coming home, taking off your cold clothes and wrapping yourself in a blanket is cozy perfection.

Needless to say, I didn't get the job I had an interview for today. I didn't even get the interview. There are a lot of flakey things about the whole situation and I'm still quite irritated that I don't want to vent about it now and make it worse than it is. I'm giving a courtesy call tomorrow and going to be PC and polite. I just needed to calm my mind enough about it all so I sound diplomatic on the phone.

And yesterday I wrote a post about the winter and cold. And today I've decided that Mother Nature is a cruel, cold-hearted (literally) bitch. What I said in the last post about being ready for it to be not so cold any more has increased 10 fold after today. I was chilled through my bones today and it took me a few hours to fully warm up again. 'Twas a rough day to be a busrider. Good thing I spent so much time outside today. Uff-da.

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