Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Belated Heart Day

I think Valentine's day is dumb, but on the flip side, I think love is fabulous!

I've never liked Valentine's day, single or not. I think it's a Hallmark Holiday, created mostly to make money. And I also think it's ridiculous to have a day to tell someone you love them. Shouldn't you do that every day, when the moment moves you, just because? I think so.

Chuck and I agreed no gifts, no big deal. In fact he was stoked when he found out that I didn't like the holiday, takes off the pressure I guess. But we did exchange small cards. Cute, funny messages with something heartfelt and hand written on the inside. And then we went to the bar where we met for a couple of beers and a few games of darts. We basically did what we do and celebrated us in a way that we both enjoy. Easy going and laid back with continuous laughter and beer.

(He did take me out for sushi on Friday night. That was really fun! I can't eat with chopsticks, like my tongue comes out because I'm trying so hard, the sushi was DE-lish!, we talked and laughed, and it was nice to have a date. We go out all the time, but this was a date for us.)

But in the spirit of the day and the spirit of love, here is what I'm loving at the moment.
1. Yoga. It really does strengthen me and makes me feel good inside and out.
2. Veggies. I've always been a fan of salty crunchy foods and find myself craving them in fact, but the veggies have taken over my cravings. And I love it!
3. Tax returns! I mean, who doesn't love extra money?!
4. The smell of clean laundry. Mmmmmm. Clean, fresh, warm.
5. My mom. And her new phone. She's like a kid who was just let into the secret club house and discovered that all the cool kids are here and it really is fun to be a part of it! And she's texting me. Even when she meant to text my aunt. Cute.
6. My wonderful boyfriend. And how kind and caring he is to me.
7. Water. Cold and always available. And filling.

This is from Christmas, but ain't we cute?

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